Forewarned is Forearmed … always?


Thinking about yesterday’s article on talking and listening, I started to wonder how much listening do we really do?

How often do we when we listen, really hear?

It is one thing to listen, and a totally different thing to hear.

I was watching a TV drama yesterday, and a husband repeatedly warned his wife not to invest in a new business her friend told her about. Though she listened, she wasn’t really hearing him. For in spite of all his admonitions, she went ahead and invested in the business and of course lost all her money.

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The myth that Women want to Talk


There is this myth that women do love to TALK.

And this myth gets most men panicked. Once a man hears his woman say – “honey, I’d like us to talk.” He heartbeat skips a million beats – “Oh God, I’m just too tired to talk,” he thinks to himself.

Boys, take a deep breathe and calm down – she doesn’t really want you to talk, she just wants you to LISTEN.

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Hey you,

Welcome to A life diary blog. I am happy to be here and I sincerely hope you are too.

I am just beginning, this is really my first baby steps here. And I hope you will remain by my side as I learn how to walk, to run, to dance and jump *winks*.

Today is our first day, so just WELCOME.