The myth that Women want to Talk


There is this myth that women do love to TALK.

And this myth gets most men panicked. Once a man hears his woman say – “honey, I’d like us to talk.” He heartbeat skips a million beats – “Oh God, I’m just too tired to talk,” he thinks to himself.

Boys, take a deep breathe and calm down – she doesn’t really want you to talk, she just wants you to LISTEN.

Yes, most times when we say – I’d like us to talk – we really mean – I’d appreciate a listening ear.

And by listening ear, we mean –

  • Listening attentively – as much as you are probably tired and bored, don’t let her catch your eyes darting around or flickering.
  • Making the right sounds – encouraging sounds are key. A little ‘hmm’ and ‘ah’ does the trick. But be careful here, don’t over do it.
  • A little word – yes, I did say she does not require you to talk, true. But what’s listening if you haven’t got a contribution, see? So a little word of understanding and maybe advice would be nice.

That simple? Nope. Nothing in life is really that simple, but we got to try.



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