Forewarned is Forearmed … always?


Thinking about yesterday’s article on talking and listening, I started to wonder how much listening do we really do?

How often do we when we listen, really hear?

It is one thing to listen, and a totally different thing to hear.

I was watching a TV drama yesterday, and a husband repeatedly warned his wife not to invest in a new business her friend told her about. Though she listened, she wasn’t really hearing him. For in spite of all his admonitions, she went ahead and invested in the business and of course lost all her money.

Praemonitus is a Latin word that translates to forewarned is forearmed. It simply means that knowledge of imminent danger, failure or loss should prepare us to overcome it.

But I sometimes feel that when we are being warned, and particularly by our husband, partner or boyfriend, there is this need to be on the defensive. To listen to the inner voice in our heads rather than the voice of reason from whoever.

Does it happen to you?

It happened to me two weeks ago. My husband categorically advised me not to make orders before first getting in touch with the suppliers and finding out if the goods were available.

Did I listen? Yes I did, attentively too. But did I hear him, No ma’am. All my focus was on starting off my orders, not wasting more time, and I did just that. The result? More time was wasted as most of my orders were unavailable and I had to wait nearly a week to get the refund of my money.

I was forewarned but was I forearmed? No.

So ladies, when you listen, do you really hear the words being spoken to you? Or do you hear the ramblings of your excited, worried emotions?

Let’s think about this, shall we? And as we ask our men to just listen to us, let’s sort of make sure we listen to them too and hear them.

Sometimes, we gotta switch off that tiny voice within saying – Men! What do they know?

They at times got an idea or two.

Cheers and Enjoy your day.


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