Thank God It’s Friday


First off, I’d like to say it’s been a really long time … jeez! Where have I been?

Anyhoo, wherever I’ve been, the good thing is I’m back … and in a big way too … It’s the TGIF tradition and I think we are long over due to celebrate our first.

So though I don’t really know when or where or how the Thank God is Friday thingy started … maybe I’ll find out … but I’m kinda glad it did. It sort of provides workers with an expectant excitable feeling as their working week draws to a close.

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How Much Fun is Too Much Fun?


Hiya people, I wasn’t here yesterday … maybe still recovering from the May 1st Labour Day Celebrations? *Wink*.

Today, I woke up thinking how much fun is too much fun really?

The Free Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines Fun as:

  1. What provides amusement or enjoyment; specifically a playful often boisterous action or speech
  2. A mood for finding or making amusement.

From our above definition, we can safely conclude that fun therefore means laughter and gaiety. And that’s a good thing, right? I think so too.

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Happy Labour’s Day


Today is Labour’s Day or as we popularly say here in Nigeria, Worker’s Day. And most workers are gladly at home, enjoying their free day hopefully.

I too plan to enjoy a work free day … watch a movie, eat and drink and maybe dance a little *winks*, who knows.

I do have  a little something for you though before I go off to relax and enjoy myself.

I have below some quotes on labour day, please read and enjoy …

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