How Much Fun is Too Much Fun?


Hiya people, I wasn’t here yesterday … maybe still recovering from the May 1st Labour Day Celebrations? *Wink*.

Today, I woke up thinking how much fun is too much fun really?

The Free Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines Fun as:

  1. What provides amusement or enjoyment; specifically a playful often boisterous action or speech
  2. A mood for finding or making amusement.

From our above definition, we can safely conclude that fun therefore means laughter and gaiety. And that’s a good thing, right? I think so too.

But as we all know too much of everything … no matter how good and how enjoying … can really be bad for us.

So I was thinking, when having fun at what point exactly does it really stop being fun? When do we step over that invisible boundary line and cross over from fun to maybe boring or even worse annoying?

Let’s check out these few thoughts:

  • When you have had one too many drinks. A bottle of beer is okay, and maybe even two if you can hold your drink, but once you start sounding slurry, a little too uninhibited and bold, and your eyes seem to have broadened, yet you are having slightly double vision … Hello? You are not having fun anymore, even if you feel you are. You are slowly becoming annoying.
  • When because of your excesses whether in drinks or food or drugs, whatever – you can’t seem to have any recollection whatsoever of what you have done or may have been done to you … you have most definitely crossed that boundary line.
  • When you jokes don’t bring about that expected laughter anymore, and you find people simply looking at you … time to cut it out.
  • When you wake up beside a total stranger and can’t even recall how you got there in the first place … way too much fun.
  • When your Sunday night party earns you a query from the Boss for being late on a Monday morning … not good fun.
  • When your funny prank cause your best friend to be suspended from school … real bad fun.
  • When your harmless flirty fun with your best pal’s husband arouses suspicion and cause a rift between you two and between man and wife … you definitely crossed a boundary line, not fun at all.

So many different things, all might start off as just having fun, but when they don’t end funny, then it wasn’t fun at all.

So while having fun … check for that invisible boundary line.

Enjoy your day.


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