Libeck & Lemon – Episode 1


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Hey peeps,

My name is Libeck and I am a dog. A Caucasian dog. I come from  a long line of pure breed Caucasian Ovcharka Mountain dog.

My ancestors originated from the Caucasus Mountain region of Russia. There are some though who argue that the Caucasian Ovcharka evolved from a group of dogs originally from Tibet some 2000 years ago … but who cares? Not me, duh. I don’t know Tibet, I don’t even know Russia and I got a gut feeling I never will.

Thing is I might be of Russian origin but right now, let’s say I’ve naturalized into a full fledged Nigerian doggy citizen. I was born here. I was raised here. I still live here and I’m not going nowhere.

so this little story of mine is really about me … or so it would have been … except My Master … a true no nonsense Nigerian Master, became dissatisfied with his bachelor status *don’t ask me why*, and decided to get married.

I don’t understand marriage. We dogs never will. I mean why the heck would any man in his right senses, a real man, an alpha male, of any species whatsoever, want to give up their God-given liberty and freedom to be shackled up and chained down by a female? What is the satisfaction in having access to just one, when you can access a thousand if need be? Isn’t variety supposed to be the spice of life, huh?

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Yay! I’m Back!!!




Happy New Year People,

I can’t really believe I’ve been gone so long.

Where have I been? What have I been doing?

Too many questions, not so many answers.

I just want to say a big SORRY I’ve been AWOL.

But I’m back now. 

And for good too *winks*.

Great news! There’s gonna be some changes on a life diary.

Since I kinda think I’m a writer … at least in my wild wild dreams *laughs* … I have decided to start posting free reads here from yours faithfully and some time from other writers I enjoy.

So let’s make it a date.

Meanwhile I do hope y’all entered the New year with a big fat HOPE? I know I did.

And I’m certain this will be the best year ever.

So its welcome back to me *winks* and to you all.