Libeck & Lemon – Episode 2


The Caucasian Mountain dog is a strong-minded, well-balanced, even-tempered dog. He is peaceful with his given family and very protective of them. He is above all very territorial and suspicious of strangers and unwelcome toward visitors and intruders. The Caucasian Ovcharka has the distinct trait of being able to recognise real threats when he sees  it.

So as soon as I really saw the … creature Mistress had in her arms, the hairs on my neck and back rose in undoubted recognition of a threat and a really malevolent one at that. Menacing growls rolled out in quick successions from deep within me. The only thing that kept me from pouncing and pulling down unwelcome enemy staring back at me through narrowed ominous green eyes was because as a well trained and disciplined dog I could not charge at anything in the presence of my master without his express order. That is an unwritten law. And all sensible wise dogs knew this.

But knowing that did not stop me from growling my utter displeasure and readiness to attack. And definitely it did not stop me from turning to Master and glaring at him.

“Really? You are just going to stand there and watch our home invaded by undesirable creatures and not do anything but look at me with a warning look like I am the enemy here?” I growled accusingly at Master.

For Alpha dog’s sakes, did she just even say sister? What is doggy world’s name is going on?

Hello! I am a dog. A f**king dog! We don’t do family. We don’t do brother and sister. We inbreed. I mean even if I knew who the heck my mother and father were and they had a bitch from the same litter as me … a female who in crazy human world would be regarded as my ‘twin sister’, in real sane doggy world I’d be allowed to … well to put it tastefully … mount her and help perpetuate the tribe. And no one will be batting an eye or screaming abomination because WE ARE DOGS! And in doggy world, we don’t do mummy and daddy, brother and sister and the whole cousin Mafia load of crap humans burden themselves with. In doggy world when a male sniffs a female on heat, it don’t matter if she is your mother, your sister, or even your aunt, you simply do the natural instinctive thing and jump her and get to work.

“And even if I wanted to fraternise – which I don’t – wouldn’t it be expected that I turn to my own species at least, huh?” I barked ferociously forgetting my ingrained discipline. I not only barked and growled now, I was advancing toward Mistress menacingly.

“Libeck no!” Mistress shrieked stepping back. “You are scaring Lemon.” She patted the creamy brown thing in her arms. “Honey, do something.” She cried.

The scared  Lemon was giving out low throated growls that seemed to be lost on not just her screeching Mistress but also on Master.

“Libeck Inside!” He ordered.

“What?” I turned on him with a wild bark. “Inside? Shouldn’t you be screaming OUT to the intruder right there?”

My barks of course only served to infuriate Master more and he thundered again. “INSIDE. KENNEL. NOW.”

The thunderous order had me relenting instinctively. I backed off slowly. And headed back to my kennel, but not without a final glance at the enemy. And was my instincts right as usual! The treacherous witch had raised her head and was staring back darkly and challengingly at me. Her green pelt eyes were now rounded at the edges with the middle black pupil narrowed into a malicious slit. She bared her teeth at me, the raised hairs on her neck was patted down by Mistress as she cooed reassuring words in her ears.

I mourned my fate as I watched the rest of the unpacking event from the prison of my kennel. Today was a Sunday. My day out. From sun up to sun down, I got to prowl and pace the yard like the Alpha dog I was. But today I was forced to go back into my kennel even before dusk while the the intruder, the enemy was allowed to prowl about on the veranda where another ugly pink box, a little bigger than the other one, was set up for the malicious creature lying beside it now like some dainty queen.

Master had brought back a who bagful of tempting tasty looking assorted meats in varying sizes and shapes and had laid them out nicely in front of me. But I was too mad at him to even raise my head and was feeling too betrayed to take a grab. I had been the ruler of this territory for a little more than three years now for Alpha dog’s sakes! I had paced and protected its length and breadth without any interference from anyone whatsoever. I had only had to share the territory with Master and only had to bow to his authority and rule. And now without warning, I am to share it not only with a shrieking, squealing, really-annoying Mistress, I also had to share my territory with a dog’s worst enemy, a cat!

I pondered these issues all through the night, cursing the fate that had prompted Master to seek the so called ‘better half’. It wasn’t greed or gluttony or even hunger, that pushed me a couple of hours later towards the array of mouthwatering meats but a deep-seethed need for survival.

Dogs are born with it. And Caucasian Mountain dogs possess an innate skill for survival. I needed all my strength and wisdom if I was going to rid my territory of the enemy that has invaded it.


2 thoughts on “Libeck & Lemon – Episode 2

  1. Eh ya poor dog, he is really sad about the whole event. I pity him, well, it doesnt understand humans at all. This is surely the begining of its sad days . Having a cat as a friend is not nice at all for a dog of its own class. I pray the unwanted mistress keeps her pet to herself, if not, trouble continues in the compound. Poor Alpha dog.

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