Libeck & Lemon – Episode 3


The last couple of days have been a sit-back-and-observe time out for me. While the rest of our recently increased family was still buzzing with the excitement of starting a new life together, I merely laid back in my corner and watched with astute, keen and quiet interest as the new order of things unfolded itself.

Now I am a dog and in case you are not aware we are cleverly observant. What most people think is a lazy and snoozing moment when they notice a dog simply lying back and watching is a matter of fact a sit-see-and-strategize time out for the dog. So while Master thought I had gone into withdrawal mode because of the treacherous feline witch his new Mistress brought home, I was in fact calculating and strategising on how best to get back my territory.

The demonic Lemon has been given her own space very close to the house. In short at the veranda right in front of the house. And she spends more than half the day strutting about and licking herself in that disgusting annoying manner cats do in a bid to rid their fur of non-existent dirt.

And Mistress? She’s been spending her days either squealing and giggling on her pink funny-looking phone – that lady has a thing about pink – or just strutting about like her cat all around the house in her next-to-nothing clothes.

As for Master, after two days at home, he’d gone back to his old routine of wake up early, clean up the yard, clean up my kennel, wash himself and then drive out of the house in his big black car. The only thing changed in his routine is whereas he used to talk to me as he worked around the house, these days he just talks to Mistress who from the moment she wakes up to the time she goes to sleep never stops chattering.

The clicking sound of heels on the stone pavement had my ears going alert. Mistress breezed out of the house looking colourful and sunny in her as usual above-the-knee dress and knee-breaking heels. The sweet-smelling aroma that always accompanied her was a little more perceptible than usual, by the look and smell of her, she was heading out.

“Okay Lemon, I am going out for a while.” She squeaked crunching down beside the cat.

Lemon raised her head and gave a quiet trill.

“You take care of you and don’t get into any trouble, okay?” Mistress stroked and scratched her neck and ears.

Lemon purred in contentment.

Her duty done, Mistress stepped through the front gate and locked it before turning towards me. I wondered what she wanted. We’ve managed to keep out of each other’s way in the last few days, so what now?

“Libby?” She called stopping a couple of yards from my kennel.

Yikes! That has been the second most annoying thing since her arrival on Sunday.

“Lady, my name is Libeck. Libeck not Libby, not Lib … just Libeck. Get it?” I growled my displeasure.

She took two steps backward smiling nervously. “Ah, calm down Libeck.” Thanks for taking correction I sniffed. “I just wanted to let you know I’m going out and you are in charge now, okay?” She stretched forward her left hand as if to pat Libeck then drew it back.

“I am always in charge.” I gave a low bark. “This is my territory, I own the place, I rule it, okay?”

Mistress nodded her head and turned. Her message has been delivered and she was certain understood. “Okay then, Lib.” She continued sashaying to the gate. “And do take care of your little sister, okay? Ta-ta.” She gave an enthusiastic wave before shutting the gate.

“It’s Libeck!” I barked getting to my paws. “And she’s not my sister. We are not the same species. We are nothing alike!”

“That at least we can agree on.” Lemon purred lazily from the veranda licking her right paw.

“I don’t recall speaking to you, treacherous witch.” I growled at her the hairs on my neck rising in attack.

Lemon tittered. “Oh please Libeck, leave the aristocratic behaviour for us majestic creatures.”

I barked out a laugh. “Majestic? You are nothing but an ugly looking territory-invading treacherous beast.”

“Ugly looking?”

I knew that would get to her. Snotty witch!

“Did you just call me…ugly? You burly looking over-hairy stinking disgusting animal?” Lemon was also now on her paws her green eyes narrowed and menacing.

“Ready to die, are you Lemon?” I demanded mockingly in a ferocious growl baring my teeth.

“Ready to pluck out your dim-witted ugly brown eyes, Libby.” Lemon hissed gliding through the gate. She made her way towards the kennel in steady, powerful and graceful movements.

I took my stance as I planted my paws firmly on the ground. I was well braced for her leap. When it came I’ll be knocking her down to the ground with one fling of my paw. Sending her not just out of my territory but permanently out of this world.

Lemon dived forward and struck out even as she pounced on Libeck. Her drawn claws missed Libeck’s right eye by inches.

Libeck howled in pain and struck out with his left paw. The hit was just strong enough to have Lemon flying a couple of yards backwards. But being prepared she rebalanced herself and landed on her paws and without a moment’s hesitation surged forward with a wild hiss. Libeck growled and made for her, as they both leapt for each other’s neck, the gate was flung open.

“Libeck! Lemon!” Mistress screamed horrified.


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