Snappy answers to Stupid questions

Have you ever had the exasperating experience of being asked apparently stupid and absolutely unnecessary questions? Duh! Of course you have. Who haven’t?

But the funny and totally inexplicable thing is that most of us … if not all of us *winks*, have been guilty of these rather irritating and utterly maddening questions at some point or the other.

What makes the questions so maddening and pointless is the rather amusing if somewhat frustrating fact that the ‘questioner’ who is obviously present at the time of the ‘questioned event’ clearly sees or hears the event and yet still asks in that I-need-to-know tone what is going on. That is what is exasperating. That is what is so infuriating. That is what has you giving them the you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me look before tossing out the much deserved sarcastic answer.

I mean what could be more infuriating than just stepping out of the bathroom, with a towel round your body and drops of water still evident all over you and your roomie asks, “are you coming from the bathroom?” You give that arched brow look and respond, “no, I’m coming from the kitchen.”  Vexing, right? Lol.

Anyway, it’s TGIF and it’s my personal belief you should step into the weekend in a spirit of fun and laughter. So I have put below for your reading pleasure some snappy answers to stupid questions I came across and some I’ve experienced. As you read and enjoy, don’t forget to add some of your own and maybe like us on Facebook? Yeah, that’d be nice *winks* –

Image  Coming back from a fishing trip, with a fish in your hand:

Q: Did you catch that fish?

A: No, I talked him into giving himself up.

Image   Entering a restaurant with your wife:

Q: (from the waiter, to you and wife) Table for how many?

A: One — my wife will sit on my shoulders.

Image  Coming in from the rain and still with your wet open umbrella:

Q: Is it raining outside?

A: No, it’s raining inside.

Image  You are a magician doing card tricks:

Q: (Person watching the trick) Am I supposed to pick a card?

A: No, you’re supposed to pick your nose.

Image  In your swimming trunks coming from the swimming pool:

Q: Have you been swimming?

A: No, I’ve just been laundering my pants.

Image  You have a baby in your hand:

Q: Is that a baby?

A: No, it’s an alien creature.

Image  Bread in your hands and chewing:

Q: Is that bread you are eating?

A: No, it’s eba!


2 thoughts on “Snappy answers to Stupid questions

  1. Seeing a baby boy naked with his circumcision sore and asks, Q.has the baby been circumcised? A. No he was casterated. Have a nice weekend.

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