Libeck & Lemon – Episode 4


Yelling, threats and warnings followed by an all-night-without-food behind the bars of our different kennel had helped Lemon and me… mostly me of course, I doubt the perfidious cat had much ability to reason…. Anyway, we realised that open wars and fights was not the way to get rid of each other. So the next couple of days in the house was mostly spent in sullen silence at least between the two of us. I have a feeling that Master and Mistress appreciated the atmosphere of peace and quiet. And I bet they actually thought they had finally found a way to make us co-exist … poor deluded humans!

So here was I lying beside my kennel calmly perusing the events taking place in my territory that morning, Master had just finished cleaning up his car and has gone in to have his bathe no doubt. Mistress… well, she’d stopped banging the pots at last, so who knows what she was up to now. As for the evil feline creature, I hadn’t seen her all morning and I wasn’t ready to ruin my quiet day by sniffing her out. So I decided to snooze a little as my head lay languidly on my front paws.

But just as I was about to drift off, a rustling sound had my ears perking up. I skimmed my eyes open, it was the traitorous cat…humph.

Lemon ambled over, dropped what she had in her mouth on the ground and squatted a few yards away from where Libeck was lying pretending to ignore her. “Hmm, looks like you didn’t get enough rest last night?” She trilled.

I did not bother to open my eyes or to even dignify her senseless question with an answer.

Lemon slide down her body gracefully and with unaffected nonchalance began to swipe her left paw with her tongue.

Though the sound of her licking her furs irritated me, I continued to ignore her. Squashing the temptation to strike out at her with my paw.

“Hmm, I see you are not interested in being friendly.” Lemon purred.

Being friendly indeed! You treacherous witch. Like I’d ever be friends with a cat…humph.

Rising back to her squatting position she burbled. “Well I guess you are not interested in still keeping this.” She waited a bit before picking the bone she’d dropped earlier.

The scraping sound of her teeth against something had my eyes flying open.


The evil feline creature had my bone in her mouth! Where… How had she gotten it? I kept my stash of bones well hidden behind my kennel, and even Master was not aware of their existence. So how had she found them? And what was she doing with one of them? And my favourite too … well, okay so I don’t have a favourite but they were all important to me and they were all mine.

The hairs on my back rose in fury as I got to my paws. Lemon was already up on hers and was watching me keenly, baiting me with the bone she had between her teeth. Surely she knew that this meant instant death for her. No one played with a dog’s bone – not humans, not other dogs… and definitely not a cat.

I lunged forward, letting out a snarl as I did so. Lemon did a swift turn and dashed towards the house, my bone still in her mouth. I went after her. If she thought that sliding through the veranda gate into her ugly little kennel would stop me from strangling her then she was not only a treacherous thieving creature but also a senseless one.

Lemon ran past the veranda gate and made the quick turn to the side of the house where the kitchen back door was open. I turned the corner too in one high-speed gallop and was just in time to see her fly over a table beside the kitchen door and make a quick climb to the wooden cabinet over the table. I snarled and growled at her as she watched me maliciously from her haven above still holding fast to my piece of bone.

Lemon heard the clicking footsteps of her dear Mistress coming towards them and she made her move. With a quick sweep of her right front paw she knocked over the bowl of water Mistress had left earlier on the cabinet. And as she had hoped, the water poured over and landed wham on Libeck.

I howled and barked furiously as the water splashed all over me. And with ferocious annoyance I shook my body to rid myself of the water. A sudden ear-piercing shriek had me stepping back abruptly.

Mistress was standing by the kitchen door literally yelping. Master ran out in his yet-to-be buttoned shirt flying over his black trousers.

“Look at this!” Mistress screeched even before he could ask what warranted the wild scream. She was jumping about in her heels frantically wiping away splashes of water and hair from her white shirt and grey skirt. “My shirt is stained and ruined. There is water and… dog hair all over it.” She screamed at Master her eyes flashing like she’s lost her mind. “And on my hair too.” And with a speed-of-lightening twist of her neck, she glared at me. “And all because of you, LIBECK!”

I didn’t need anyone to tell me it was retreat-or-be-killed, so I turned as quickly as my bulky frame could allow and made hastily and decisively for my kennel. The sound of Master’s voice bellowing echoed after me.



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