Libeck & Lemon – Episode 5


Lemon’s treacherous move required instant retaliation so I didn’t waste time to deal out the well deserved punishment.

So while she lazed around feeling like a queen, I made my plans. And since she dared to start out the brain-war I had to show her that Caucasian Ovcharka were known for their highly intelligent and totally resourceful minds, and that meant giving her two-for-one. So the next day, while on my pacing and prowling territorial moves I spied Master’s favourite and only black socks hanging on the clothing line. I don’t pretend to understand the human mind, so don’t ask me why the man has only one pair of socks when it was obvious he wore black socks almost throughout the week.

Getting it down wasn’t a problem for me; all I had to do was raise myself on my hind paws and swap I knocked it to the ground and along with it, Mistress’s white shirt, the one she’d been wearing yesterday morning. Two for the price for one, lucky me. Picking them up between my teeth, I went in search of dear sister Lemon.

True to type she was lying beside her ugly pink box licking her paws in that disgusting irritating manner. I strolled over, stopped by the gate close enough where she could reach me or at least the clothes hanging loosely in my mouth.

The sight of something swinging backward and forward was much more than Lemon could resist. She swung to her paws and swinging her left front paw through the gate caught the white shirt and drew it. The sound of a tear delighted her as she tugged harder. The white shirt landed on her side of the gate and pushing it further inside, she delightfully dashed for the black sock. The black sock stretched and strained as they both held tightly unto it with their teeth. Lemon growled and hissed trying unsuccessfully to scratch me with her drawn nails through the gate.

I smelled Master coming even before I heard his footsteps and one more tussle I let go of the sock. Lemon almost fell as she finally dragged the sock through the gate. Purring triumphantly she jumped forward and backward with the sock now dangling between her teeth. I feigned a tired disinterest and made for my kennel. I had barely reached it when the thunderous shout reached my eagerly attentive ears.

“LEMON!” Master thundered. “What have you done to my socks!”

Lemon hastily dropped the sock and darted into her box. But that did not save her, as Master grabbed her by the tail and dragged her out, smacking her on the back.

Her piteous wail had me grinning.

Mistress ran out of the house and seeing her white shirt on the floor, torn and browned, screamed. “What happened to my shirt?”

“Ask your stupid cat.” Master snarled tossing Lemon to the floor, she managed to land on her feet and sneaked into her box, cringing and wailing.

They both ignored her.

“Look at my sock. It’s my only black socks for heaven’s sakes.” Master glowered at Mistress. “I told you to stop leaving clothes on that chair.” He eyed the plastic chair at the other end of the veranda before marching back inside muttering as he did so.

“I didn’t leave that there.” Mistress protested hotly. “And you, look at what you’ve done to my shirt… its ruined. Do you know how much this shirt cost?” She kicked Lemon’s box angrily.

Lemon meowed and wailed piteously.

“Shut up!” Mistress screamed at her before dashing after Master. “Honey!”

I jogged over to where I had re-hidden my bone stash, grabbing one I returned to my kennel to enjoy a relaxing and satisfying morning. The piteous wails and purrs coming from Lemon were music to my ears.

That evening I watched as Mistress set up a dinner table under the plastic booth beside the house. Master sat at the table reading his paper as she bustled in and out of the house bringing out dish after dish. I stared at the spectacle hungrily, my tongue slobbering in unavoidable greed. Lemon had strolled out of her box and was lying beside the table watching too. As they proceeded to eat, Mistress bent over to stroke Lemon and toss her a piece of meat.

I watched the scene in annoyance. I hadn’t been able to come up with a second plan of action all through the day. And obviously Mistress and Master have already forgotten the morning clothes disaster. Growling in quiet anger I turned my head and that was when I saw the rat, trying to steal something beside my kennel. My first instinct was to ignore it, I had more important matters to spend my energy on after all, then a purring sound had my head sweeping up. Aha!

Lemon was waiting patiently for another toss of meat when a movement caught her ever alert eyes. She saw the rat even as it was making its way hastily and sneakily towards the house, without a second thought she made a dash for it. The rat escaped her grasp and darted under the table.

Mistress shrieked and quickly raised her legs.

Lemon dived for the rat and as she reached out to grab its tail, swiped the table cloth and dragged it.

Mistress screamed as their plates of food and glasses of wine poured over the table. “LEMON!!!”

I watched as the entire place went up in an uproar. Master was shouting and thundering. Mistress was screaming and lamenting. Lemon realising she was in trouble again had quickly forgotten the rat and was now holed up in her box, shivering and whimpering.

“I want that cat out of here now.” Master thundered marching towards the veranda.

The very words I’ve been waiting to hear. At last, I sighed settling back on my belly, I’m finally getting back my territory.

“Honey, you can’t do that.” Mistress squeaked.

“He’s not staying here any more. I want him OUT.” Master bellowed marching out with a cringing Lemon in her box.

But instead of heading towards the gate, he made his way towards me. Is he going to toss her through the back fence, I wondered, watching keenly.

Stopping a few steps from my kennel, Master dropped the pink box with the wailing cat in it. “From now on, she’s going to be staying out here with Libeck.” He announced in his I-want-no-arguments tone.

“What!” I barked jumping to my paws.


3 thoughts on “Libeck & Lemon – Episode 5

  1. Libeck has finally gotten a friend. Lemon very close to him. I say, serves him right. So much for a regained territory.let me look forward to his future.

  2. Reminds me of my childhood cat and dog. Roger(dog) and Mubi(cat). Only in this case the cat was the one setting the dog up 🙂

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