Libeck & Lemon – Episode 6


The next couple of days was a torturous period for me. My barks of protest, followed by threatening snarls at Lemon hadn’t deterred Master from his decision to move Lemon out of the veranda to just a few steps from my kennel. Neither had her piteous wails and purrs. And where had humans gotten the impression that a female could get a male to do whatever she wanted? Because that hadn’t worked either. Mistress’s squeals and whimpering, garnished with a good dose of tears had had no effect on Master, at least none that I could see.

A new kennel was constructed for Lemon, just beside my own and with strict warning and threats from Master she’d been sentenced to sleeping out in the yard. Her nightly discomfort and  wails would have given me untold pleasure if not for the fact that I couldn’t bare to have her so close. More than ever, my territory was at threat.

After a few nights of cries and moans, the dumb cat finally got the message that Master wasn’t going to change his mind, so she shut the hell up… and as I discovered two days later went back to her scheming to take over my territory.

That afternoon, I’d been too busy playing guard over the entire house to pay any attention to her. But as I made my way back to my kennel some funny looking things lying between our kennels caught my eye. I swung over to where the heap of … rats where. I didn’t need to poke them to know they were all dead. And it wasn’t just rats either, there were some dead birds too.

Not needing anyone to tell me who the murderous creature was, I turned towards Lemon’s kennel and as expected she was sitting by her kennel eyeing me with an open malicious challenge in her green eyes.

“Think you can beat this?” Lemon purred. She’d spent the last couple of hours gathering her trophies. Of course she’d snacked on one or two of them… well, she’d been unable to resist having a tasty bite. But she’d made sure to save enough to taunt Libeck with.

“You dare to challenge me in my territory?” I growled.

“Such a big dog like you, I’m sure you can do better.” Lemon sneered. “Or are you afraid you might not beat me?”

That dare was all I needed. Damn fool cat thinks she can come into my domain, my hood, my territory and make a loser out of me. No way!

I prowled the entire vicinity. Hounded the rat holes and hide outs. Killed rat after rat until it was almost dark. Soon my heap of dead rats was piled up higher than her’s.

“Do you need more evidence to know who the better one is?” I growled letting out a derisive bark.

Lemon had been watching the drama with interest. She didn’t need to draw closer to see that Libeck had killed more rats than she did. But knowing she still had an ace up her sleeves, made her give a long trill as she heaved to her paws, crossing her legs one after the other in a majestic walk, she sauntered over and scanned the heap with a derisive look.

“Hmm, a nice stack of rats.” I watched furiously as she regally poked one and then another. “But I don’t see any birds here… couldn’t you reach any of the birds here…even the pigeons?” Her green eyes sneered at me.

I growled wildly and balanced myself firmly on my paws, preparing to strike.

Lemon hissed, sinuously posing her body for a leap.

“Libeck. Lemon.” Master called. “Your dinner is ready.”

We instantly relaxed our tense muscles as we watched Master walk towards us with our bowls in his hand.

“What the heck is this?” Master yelled, staring stupefied at the heap of dead rats… and birds. “Libeck, since when did you start killing rats and piling them up?” He turned to stare angrily at me.

“Since you allowed your Mistress to bring into our territory a demented malicious cat.” I growled back. He wants to make this my fault?

Master swore wildly. “Well, since you two took pleasure in killing all these rats and birds…”

I killed the birds please.” lemon meowed.

“… then there is no need for dinner. Feast on them.”

We stared mouth agape, tongues wagging as Master marched back to the house with our dinner. Then we turned our stare to each other and then to the pile of dead rats… and birds.


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