Wisdom Path


It is said that the words of our elders our words of wisdom.

You and I can snigger and say, ‘not all the time, duh.’ But I have come to realize that the African proverb – ‘what an old woman sees while sitting, a youngster cannot see it even if he climbs the Iroko tree’ – is so true of us younger generation. Where we are often tempted to think we know more maybe be because of the technological advancement opened to us, the older generations still have more understanding, a result of a lifetime of experiences, failures and successes.

So this morning I thought, we could all listen to what our ‘forefathers’ have to say and just maybe learn something from them…

  • By labour comes wealth. ~ Yoruba
  • Knowledge is better than riches. ~ Cameroon

  • A pretty face and fine clothes do not make character. ~Congolese Proverb
  • Patience is the mother of a beautiful child. ~Bantu Proverb
  • When a once-beautiful piece of cloth has turned into rags, no one remembers that it was woven by Ukwa master weavers. ~Igbo Proverb
  • Marriage is like a groundnut; you have to crack it to see what is inside. ~ Ghanaian proverb
  • Always being in a hurry does not prevent death, neither does going slowly prevent living. ~ Ibo proverb
  • If you are looking for a fly in your food it means that you are full. ~South African Proverb
  • To be without a friend is to be poor indeed.  ~ Tanzanian proverb
  • A family is like a forest, when you are outside it is dense, when you are inside you see that each tree has its place. ~ African Proverb
  • If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. ~ African proverb
  • He who thinks he is leading and has no one following him is only taking a walk. ~ Malawian proverb
  • He who refuses to obey cannot command. ~ Kenyan proverb
  • He who refuses to obey cannot command. ~ Kenyan proverb
  • What you help a child to love can be more important than what you help him to learn. ~African proverb.

*Proverbs thanks to afritorial.com.*


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