FUN FACTS about animals

ImageListening to the Fun Facts, Did you Know section on the Today On STV morning show, got me thinking there must be quite a number of laughable and really weird facts about animals and many other things around us that we are so unaware of.

So being me *winks*, I went Google searching and discovered quite an amazing number of really funny facts about animals. I’m sharing some of them with you today.

Hope you catch a bit of laugh *enjoy*


Oyster can change gender depending on which is best for mating…. *Isn’t that just fun? Imagine if I can change to a man, hmmm*


A Cat has 32 muscles in each ear. Something that certainly makes it easier for them to eavesdrop on your conversation…. *I’d have to watch when I’m gossiping around cats *winks*


Bats are the only mammals that can fly…. *Imagine never having to buy a flight ticket again, hmm?*


Ostriches can run faster than horses, and the male ostrich can roar like a lion…. *watch out when you go on a desert trip, hmmm!*


Seahorses are monogamous life mates and travel holding each other’s tails…. *If only men could learn from them, sighs*


A Snail can grow back a new eye if it loses one…. *Now don’t be tempted to punch a snail in the eye*


The slowest fish is the Seahorse, it moves along at about 0.01mph…. *Hmmm, now would that be why it’s monogamous? Fast move challenge? hehehe*


You can tell a Turtle’s gender by the noise it makes. Male grunt, and female hiss…. *Now why is that not so surprising, huh?*


Again a Snail can sleep 3 years at a stretch…. *Talk about lazy*


Male Koalas have 2 penises and female Koalas have 2 vaginae…. *that’s convenient, don’t you think? *winks*



*Fun facts info thanks to and*


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