Unbreak My Heart


Let the lover be disgraceful, crazy, absent-minded. Someone sober will worry about events going badly. Let the lover be. – Jalal Rumi.


Duncan grinned cheerfully at him. “She’s going to be a remarkable woman when she grows up.”

“She’s a trouble-making little devil.” Nathan growled. “I fear I spoil her way too much.”

“Na.” Duncan shook his head. “She’s a good girl and you know it.”

Nathan sighed as he heaved to his feet. He walked to the kitchen and got out a six pack of Kaliber. He tossed Duncan one and sat down. Picking up the remote control he switched to the Sports channel.

“So wanna tell me about… her?”

“Dunc, there’s nothing to tell.”

Duncan took a gulp of his beer, grimaced at the taste. “Sooner or later, you gonna have to tell me.” He took another pull of the beer.

Nathan groaned wishing he hadn’t told Toinette about the exquisite lady with the magnificent build and extremely long rich milky chocolate satiny legs that seemed to go on forever. If he didn’t tell Dunc, he wouldn’t have a moment’s rest… he was that tenacious. So giving a grimacing, he told him about the encounter at the supermarket.

“Hmm, are you sure she’s not one of the star struck clingy types?” Duncan asked when he finished.

“Christ Dunc, the lady literally froze me. She was not just cold, she was arctic.”

“Maybe she’s one of those man-hating types” Duncan shrugged getting up to pick another can of Kaliber.

“She was interested at first!” Nathan disputed. “I saw it in her eyes… her light brown eyes.”

Duncan saw the dreamy look return to his eyes. It was the look he’d had all evening. “Looks like she knocked you to your knees, man.” He observed.

Nathan frowned, more like knocked him flat on his face. Grimacing he took a pull of his beer.


Kike lay sprawled out on the bean bag, feeling content and relaxed, the pleasant buzz of the wine coursing through her veins. She took another sip of her chardonnay, its crisp sour taste teased her tongue. She dropped a chocolate bar on her tongue, took a sip, and savoured the mix of sweet and slightly sour.

She turned to look at her best friend and grinned gleefully at her obvious inebriated state of mind. Valerie was gesturing with her wine glass, eyes flashing, as she went on about the annoying I-think-I’m-the-most-handsome-man-in-the-world Nathan; who’d clumsily slammed into her at the supermarket. She’d been bitching about the unscrupulous playboy who had the nerve to flirt with her when it was obvious he had a girlfriend somewhere for the better part of an hour. And was obviously not yet ready to let it go.

She was ranting now. “He stood there shamelessly flirting with me, all the while preparing for a date with his Color me Pink girlfriend, can you imagine that?” Indignant she shot to her feet, weaved a little and then found her balance. “The utter arrogance of the male species.” She continued spilling her wine, she swore viciously.

Kike chuckled, this was great, she should have gotten a camera though, such a pity she hadn’t thought of it. And she was feeling way too relaxed to bother with her camera phone.

“Who does he think he is?” Valerie demanded now.

That I’d like to know, Kike thought eyes alight with amusement.

“Flirting with me and making me flirt back.” She grabbed a drumstick from the table and bit into it, chewing hungrily. For some odd reason her appetite seem to be highly boosted tonight.

“Ah, so you flirted with him too?’’ Kike queried, picking a drumstick too. Ha new information. They hadn’t gotten to that before.

“He seduced me into doing so, the lying cheating son of a gun.” Valerie defended.

Kike laughed.

Valerie shot her a nasty look. “I’ll have you know, young lady.”  Her voice was stiffly dignified, which simply broadened the huge grin on Kike’s face. “That no woman stands a fair chance when that kind of … extremely hot mass of sexual appeal slams into you.” She nodded her head regally as she weaved back into the sofa.

Kike laughed merrily, damn what a great party. Maybe she should get out the bottle of Chamdor Valerie had in the refrigerator? Valerie’s slightly slurring voice broke into her thoughts.

“There was something familiar about him though. Like I’ve seen him somewhere before.”

That’s it, Kike sighed deeply at the really slurred voice. She definitely needed to get out the bottle of Chamdor, girlfriend here has had enough to drink.

She snatched the glass of chardonnay from Valerie’s hand, ignoring her cry of protest. She passed her a fresh glass of grapefruit wine.

Valerie accepted the drink a little reluctantly, sipped it and grimaced, deciding instantly she preferred the Chardonnay. “I’m Nathan indeed. Who cares if he was Nathan, Norbit or … Nothing.” She continued with her favourite topic for the night. “Men! Forever thinking they are God’s specially packaged gifts to every woman.”

Kike cackled. “Better Nathan than Norbit. Norbit was starch-dried face and really ugly Eddie Murphy.”

“Well, starch-dried face ugly Eddie Murphy looked better.” She retorted with a malicious glint in her eyes.

Kike doubted it. A man who can get Valerie to this state of utter inebriation has got to be really better looking than Eddie Murphy, starch-dried face or not.

Valerie’s blurry, hazy eyes narrowed. “I bet he’s out there now, eating Godiva chocolate and drinking wine with his Color me Pink girlfriend… but something about him looked so familiar.”

Kike merely smiled. Ah, the pleasure of waking up tomorrow with plenty of gist.

She chuckled as she took a sip of her wine.


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