Libeck & Lemon – Episode 8


Now back to the stinking poo of that evil she-cat.

I would like to begin by enlightening those of you who don’t know this about cats – they are fanatical neat animals.

A cat is a poo-burying animal. It wants to poo, it digs and drops its stinking poo and covers it up. That is the life and style of a cat. I don’t know why they do it – maybe because of the hellish smell?

Now knowing that, you would wonder why Lemon chose to live unburied her poo? Now let me again solve that little puzzle for you. First it’s not an act of short-term memory loss, so don’t go pitying her. It is not a newly acquired habit either, so forget the what’s-come-over-this-cat talk.

A cat leaving its poo uncovered is simply a in-your-face-buster challenge. You don’t get it? IT’S A TERRITORIAL CHALLENGE!

It’s a cat’s way of staking claim on a territory. Lemon, dear sister Lemon was staking claim on MY territory, by marking it with her poo right in front of my kennel.

The lessons end, now the action.

The hairs on my back and neck rose in vicious fury. I turned to the daredevil treacherous creature and snarled wildly at her. She was on her paws, green eyes blazing, hissing menacingly… she was battle ready… or so she thought!

With a loud growl I rushed at her and a fierce fling of my left paw sent her flying across the yard.

Lemon landed on her paws and without a pause dashed forward. Her outstretched claw caught me just below my right eye. I howled in pain. Struck out with my right paws and went after her as her flurry brown body floated in the air. I knocked her down even as she tried to catch her balance and baring my teeth, bent to sink them into her furry neck.

With a loud whimper and a wail, Lemon swung to her feet and raced off, yowling.

I went after her in mad fury.

She jumped on the table by the kitchen, clamped on the cabinet above it and leaped on the roof.

I growled and snarled, pacing back and forth, willing her to fall off even as she continued to yowl and wail in pain. I was out to kill her.

Almost an hour of pacing and waiting told me she would not be getting down anything soon so I sauntered back to my kennel. Growling viciously I stomped decisively on the hideous smelly mound, trouncing all attempts on territorial claim. This was my hood. This was my domain. This was my territory. I and I alone rule this zone.


5 thoughts on “Libeck & Lemon – Episode 8

  1. Poor lemon but thats a lesson for it to learn at least it came to that environment last and was supposed to respect the previous owners.

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