Something New

Image I’m starting a new series today called Ant Hill. It’s a love and life story of Zoro.

The Libeck & Lemon territorial war story is still on… so don’t panic. And so is the Valerie/Nathan love story – Unbreak My Heart. So keep reading them and posting your inspiring thoughts.

I won’t say how often I’ll be updating… you saw what how out-of-line the Unbreak my Heart updates went, right?

So let’s just say, I’ll update as inspiration comes… for now.

I’m also writing another love story – a snappier, funner, easier-to-follow one about Alex/Regie. It will be coming on once the Val/Nate story is done.

And in the midst of all these love stories and series, inspirational posts and Cher Journal meditative thoughts will still be part of our weekly updates.

So keep hanging with Alifediary blog, cos we plan to make your daily e-trek a simply fun, enjoyable and memorable one *winks*


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