Libeck & Lemon – Episode 9


This is a big day for me.

A really big day for me… and an even bigger day for Luna. You wonder who that is?

She is the brindle long-haired, big-boned, fluffy-curl tailed magnificent Caucasian bitch standing a few feet from her Master. Her sunny-brown eyes have been throwing inviting looks my way since their arrival some minutes ago.

Her Master had arrived with her as soon as Master had come back from work. The moment she’d walked through the gate, I knew she was hot and ready for she’d given me the ‘flagging’ sign – moving her tail aside to indicate she was ready for my mount.

I was ready too. Since Master had announced her coming this morning to me, I’d kept myself busy making sure I was in top shape and ready to hump… err… jump.

As I paced and prowled impatiently waiting for her to be sent forward, I noticed Lemon ambling towards her. I wondered vaguely where she’d been. Not that I cared. Suffice to say that since I taught her who was the Alpha animal here, she’d withdrawn into her fur and kept a safe distance from me. I preferred it that way.


Lemon sauntered over to where the ugly looking over-hairy female dog was standing, whining and making inviting growls, disgusting!

Luna eyed the cat. “I suggest you back off, I’m not interested in other species.” She growled, twisting and tossing her curly tail.

“I am female, so you have nothing to worry about.” Lemon dropped to her belly. Stretching forward her paws she began to swap them with a tongue. “You appear a little… impatient?” She taunted.

“I did tell you to back off, didn’t I?” Luna growled, the hairs on her neck rising.

“Relax.” Lemon purred. “We are both females… so I get it.” She gave her left paw one last lick before raising lazy eyes to Luna. “What I don’t get is why female dogs are in such hurry to have the male mount them?”

Luna ignored her. She tried to wrestle free from her Master’s grasp. Why the hell was he still chatting instead of allowing her get mounted by that sturdy-looking male, huh?

“Can’t wait to rush off and submit yourself to him, hmmm?” Lemon purred regarding the bitch with amused taunting green eyes. “I heard this is your first time?”

“And what is it to you?” Luna growled baring her teeth.

“Easy, I’m not the enemy.” Lemon raised her right paw as a peace offering sign. “I’m just wondering if you know… ” She paused significantly. “… what you are getting yourself into, that’s all.”

She noticed that Luna had stopped prancing about. Good.

“Did your Master talk to you about this?” At Luna doubtful look, she feigned a moan. “Not at all? No one told you about him… Libeck I mean?”

Luna cast a doubtful look at the gorgeous hefty male prowling at the other end of the yard. “What about him?”

Lemon trilled. “I shouldn’t be telling you this… I mean I’ve not been here long and all… and he’s kind of my brother.” She forced her furs down at the thought of Libeck being her brother, wild aggressive creature, grrr! “But I think you are… a really beautiful looking dog.” Luna tossed her tail, dumb canine. “I mean look at that amazing brindle furs… gorgeous.” She looked over her shoulders as if wary. “I can’t imagine what they’d look like by the time he’s finished with you.”

Luna was all attention now. “What do you mean?” She really took so much pride in her healthy glossy furs.

Lemon drew closer. “I heard that the last dog he jumped… a first timer like you… ” She moaned piteously. “He scratched and tore her up so bad…” Her green eyes clouded like she was in pain. “She’s never truly recovered.”

Luna’s sunny-brown eyes widened in shock, a tint of fear and worry tinted their brightness. She’d heard talk about wild, rough males who jumped on bitches, scratch and bit them and literally tore their dogginas to shred. Woof!

“It’s what I heard.” Lemon purred. “Might just be a tale… you know neighbourhood gossip?” Luna’s eyes remained worried. “But I should take care if I were you… he’s a wild one.” Lemon rose to her paws. “Well, good luck with the roughshod… I mean stud.” She sauntered off a gleam of satisfaction in her green eyes.

Let’s see if today will still be your big day, Territory ruler.


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