Libeck & Lemon – Episode 10


It was finally time.

Luna’s Master finally released the chain attached to her collar and Master led her towards my kennel where I was waiting impatiently.

The very sight of her lustrous neatly groomed coat had me drooling, she was magnificent.

“Hello beautiful.” I gave a deep growl moving around to sniff her.

Luna squelched the desire to push forward the gorgeous massive looking male, as Lemon’s words replayed in her head.

“Not feeling shy, are you?” I teased wagging my tail and slobbering all over.

I tried to lick her rear.

Luna made a threatening growl and moved away.

I tried again, but her warning growl only became deeper. What in Alpha Dog’s name was going on? What the heck was she doing now? Why the objections? Hadn’t she given me the signs earlier?

Ha, she was a first timer, and required wooing.

I drew closer to her, bit her ear gently. “Hey, you have nothing to fear, you know. I know this is your first time but you have got nothing to worry about.”

Luna sniffed and ignored me.

“Trust me, you are in good hands.” I continued using my dripping tongue to swipe her face. “I am a Pro in this.”

Luna raised her sunny-brown eyes, watching me intently.

“I don’t mean to brag… but, no female I’d mounted ever left here the same.”

Yikes! So the cat was right. Luna thought. And he even boasts about it? Dogs! She turned away in disgust.

I stared in stupefaction as she simply ignored me and dropped to her belly. What!

Not understanding the sudden disinterest, and too stirred to just accept it, I ambled to her side, nudged her with my head.

Then she came at me – wild and heated.

And that was when the battle began. I tried to mount her. She clawed and bit me.

The clawing and biting, and growling and dancing around avoiding each other went on and on and on… like hours.

Bottom line, nothing happened.

After an unsuccessful mating between Luna and I, her Master sadly took her home.

Master stood by my kennel watching me as I lay dog-tired and bewildered.

“Libeck, what went wrong this time?” Master asked.

I managed to raise my head, gave him an evil-eye look, and turned away.

My eyes lashed into Lemon’s. She had the self-satisfied smirk on her furry face. What did she have to be smirky about, I wondered… and then it struck me.

Lemon had been talking to Luna earlier by the gate!


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