Libeck & Lemon – Episode 11


“Libby? Lib?”

I growled as I heard Mistress calling me that hideous name in that squeaky voice of hers.

“Haven’t I warned that annoying mistress of yours to stop calling me that… dreadful name?” I snarled turning to Lemon.

Lemon raised her head to stare at me with an air of nonchalance. “You’ll just have to snarl…  I mean tell her again, won’t you?”

My ferocious eyes remained on her treacherous feline form, as her interference in my Mating time with Luna replayed in my head. I struggled to quell the desire to pounce on her, the little demon!

“Lemon. Libby.” Mistress called, heading our way bearing our bowls.

Master had left very early this morning and I knew he was not coming back today as he had taken his big black bag with him. And of course he’d bid me to watch over the entire yard… not that I required telling, just a habit he has when travelling.

“Here’s your food.” Mistress bent down and laid the blue bowl in front of me. Before marching to the opposite side to drop off Lemon’s pink bowl.

I stared at the teeny-weeny balls of odd-looking food, my astonished eyes wide and furious – what the heck! The crazy dead-brained woman has brought me cat food… Cat Food?

I snarled and pushed the bowl aside.

“What is the matter with you?” Mistress asked looking at me warily.

“Oh, you are wise to be wary, Lady.” I growled menacingly. “How dare you serve me your miserable cat’s food?”

“Hey, you mind easing back on the insults.” Lemon purred not bothering to lift her head from her bowl. “What’s your problem with the food anyway? You lack the palate for tasty food, hmm?”

“You want me to knock you over, right now?” I growled at her, my mane rising.

“Ha… relax boy.” Mistress cooed stepping back cautiously. “Hey, Libby …”

The hairs on my back rose in fury and I gave a deep snarling bark. “My name is Libeck!”

“Easy boy. Easy Libeck.” Mistress repeated backing away, her eyes warily fixed on me. “Is there a problem with your food? Is it too small? Should I add more?”

“No, you should just get me my own food.” I snarled at her. “And get this crap out of my bowl.” I knocked the bowl aside and sent its brownish-balled content flying to the ground.

That sent Mistress retreating in a mad haste.

“That crap is wholemeal chicken recipe.” Lemon trilled making crunchy sounds as she chewed.

“Didn’t I warn you to shut up?” I swung round to face her.

“Relax.” Lemon purred. “No one is threatening your superiority here. I’m just making friendly conversation.”

“Just shut up!” I growled turning away. I made my way towards the back of my kennel… I needed my bones.

“Who the heck touched my bones?” I bellowed, galloping back to face Lemon.

She rose to her feet, watching me guardedly. “Don’t look at me, I haven’t seen or touched your bones since you hid them again.”

“So if it’s not you, then who took them?” I snarled edging towards her.

“I don’t know.” Lemon growled back, her green eyes narrowing in preparedness for a fight. “I am not the only one living in this yard with you… in case you haven’t noticed.”

“You …”

“Libeck …” Mistress’s call interrupted me, I pushed down my right front paw, turning slowly to face her.

“Oh, Libeck, I am so sorry.” She squeaked coming towards me with another bowl. “I got inside only to discover that I’d poured you Lemon’s food. No wonder you were so mad at me.” She reached my kennel and poured the contents of the bowl she had in her hand into mine. “Now you can relax and enjoy your meal.”

I ambled over to the bowl, looked inside. At last you got it right, I sniffed. Bending over, I proceeded to gobble up my food.

“I’m sure you will feel better now.” Mistress continued to chatter. “And when I tell you  how I cleaned up your entire kennels, back and front, you’d totally forgive my mistake.”

I raised my head slowly to find her smiling widely.

“Didn’t you guys notice the change?” Mistress continued beaming proudly. “Animals!” She shook her head fondly at me. I was watching her with suspicious eyes. “Anyway, you were both at the other side of the house when I got myself busy here.” She giggled.

Lemon was watching me with wary, apprehensive green eyes.

“And Libeck, behind your kennel was worse… terribly smelly and… that revolting box of bones… yuck!”

The hairs on my back stood at attention.

“Not to worry, I have gotten rid of it.” Mistress beamed at me, then at Lemon before turning to saunter off. “You kids be good now, okay, and enjoy the clean environment.”

I stared after her in pure, undiluted horror. Did she just say she’d… gotten rid of my box of bones?

“NO!!!” I howled wildly.


2 thoughts on “Libeck & Lemon – Episode 11

  1. Madam, you have caused more harm than good, two crmes in one day, first, feeding the Dog with cat food and getting rid of the dog’s bones. Eh ya, poor Libeck.

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