MaGic hOuR

Image This is a little weekend magic I want to start. If you are weird-thinking like me, then I do believe you’ve had moments when you just look at a picture and wish you had a magic wand so you can make a quick incantation and whatever is in the pix appears live before you… I always have these weird thoughts when I see pictures of deliciously-well-plated foods… oh yummy!

So here’s what I’m bringing your way… your own magic wand hour. So here’s a magic wand… Image  hold it in your hand, make this incantation – ‘chokikichomicholicha’ – then point to any food you like in the pictures below and it will magically appear before you… err, a little advice… you might want to pray before you eat… err, okay let’s begin… Oh and one other thing, when you make a choice, you are honour bound to comment by just typing the name of your food choice… C’est tout (and for those of you who are bilingually challenged that simply means – that’s all) … LET the MAGIC begin….


Image Yam Pepersoup!

Image  Spiced Snails!!

Image  Sweet toothy candies!!!

Image  Hmmm, Fries!!

Image  Meaty!

Image  Yummy snacks!!!

Image  Healthy nut-case!!!!

Image  SUYA!!!!

Image  Table 1!

Image  Table 2!!


*Pictures thanks to assorted kinds of sites and my dear Google!!!*

*My Choice? —– chokikichomicholicha…. TABLE 1… *closing my eyes to pray*… hmm, I just love food… hmmmmmmmmmmmmm……….*


8 thoughts on “MaGic hOuR

  1. How I wish the magic wand locates money, i prefer that kind of magic but for now, I choose spiced snails, its very sweet ypu know,hmm very yummy.

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