Saturday’s ThriLLer


I learnt this from one of my Fav blogs. Being  too-honest me, I won’t lie and say – ‘I’ve just been inspired to post you some fun jokes here’ -. That’s just me… always honest… sometimes…

So here’s the thing I love jokes but when I tell it, people never laugh, they just stare at me like I spoke in in some ancient forgotten language… I wonder why?

You ever experienced it? You know… Image let me know if you have, okay?

So back to SatJokes, err… here are some… enjoy *winks* (by the way, I want to get the little rounded-headed creatures that make faces at you… but being technologically challenged I can’t… oh well) … just enjoy the *winks*…


Image   Image

Image   Image

Image   Image


Hey, I got a feeling y’all want to say this to me … Image  no need to thank me… it was my pleasure *winks and walks away*


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