The Sovereign National Conference – My thoughts…


During his 2013 Independence Day broadcast, President Goodluck Jonathan announced the need for a National Conference and slated it for 2014… as Nigeria celebrates her hundredth year as one united nation.

Nigeria is the most populous Black nation on earth and to remain a source of pride to the Black race and to Africa in particular, Nigeria has a need to remain an indivisible and indissoluble entity.

While many of us might ask the question – Why did Lord Lugard amalgamate the Southern and Northern Protectorate into one nation thereby creating Nigeria in 1914? –  that in my opinion is an unnecessary question.


With the many problems the country is faced with today – with the problem of Boko Haram taking the lead – there have been questions raised about the need for Nigeria to be divided.

The question has crossed my mind, more times than I care to count.

But the question is – is that a solution? Is the division of Nigeria into several diverse entities the solution to our problem?

While we might all be hasty to say a vehement – YES, I would like to ask if splitting the country is even realistic?

I dare say that it is not.

I do consider that the question to ask here is really – should the country be split, will it just be in two – back to the Southern and Northern Protectorate?

I hardly think  so. For there are too many ethnic groups dying to be called a nation.

I am no political analyst and have no vast knowledge in politics and economic management to share. But I do believe that what we as a nation need and should consider is how to keep united a country that is celebrating her hundredth year.

And while again, we might wonder if there is really any reason to celebrate given the damning unstable state of the nation, I dare to say that like every long union, it should be celebrated.

Have that union been a success? Has it survived without its fair share of turbulence?

The answer is yes – it has been a success as it has managed to survive in spite of all turbulence and even a civil war.

Our aim as a nation, as one people, should not be to focus on ethnic development but to focus on and work for the development of Nigeria as a legal and binding entity.

We should strive to be one nation not just for the heck of it. But one nation where the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is paramount.

We should focus on a Nigeria where every citizen is nourished and provided for. A Nigeria where every ethnic group no matter how small, is recognized and accounted for.

A Nigeria where we can walk free with heads held high in pride and love.

The National Conference has been inaugurated and is in progress. Let us hope that this Conference goes beyond paying a few people heavily  to chew their chords aimlessly all in the name of being representatives.

Let us hope and pray that we will truly be represented.

Nigeria is a work-in-progress and should be left to truly attain it’s glorious height.

Our focus as a people should be to fight and speak out against poverty, unemployment, rising crime-rate, total disregard for human rights and bad governance.

Let us strive for a better Nigeria… with a better government.


*personal sensitization thanks to Today on STV, Buisness Day and This Day online Newspapers*


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