Libeck & Lemon – Episode 15

Image It’s been two days and that damned cat was not yet back.

Mistress woke up earlier these days and instead of her usual chores… whatever they had been… she now prowled the yard, eyes darting right and left, no doubt hoping to see her precious miserable cat pop out from nowhere.

Well, she hadn’t popped out and it’s now been two friggin days!

Now I don’t want any of you getting the wrong idea here… I am not missing the self-centred, I-can-do-as-I-please treacherous feline witch – heck no! I’m a dog. A good loyal eyes-over-my-territory-and-all-that-dwell-therein Caucasian Ovcharka good dog. And I care about Mistress, she’s Master’s woman and I know she loves that miserable she-cat… damn cat.

So all these sudden worry about Lemon is not some kind of sign that Libeck is going soft as some of you are beginning to think… just wanted to get that straight… I am still the Alpha dog, woof!

So there I was flat on my belly, my narrowed eyes taking in the entire yard… not looking out for anything in particular… craning my neck at the slightest sound and grunting when it turns out to be nothing.

Master had brought me food this morning because I’d failed to eat my food yesterday’s evening… I just didn’t have any appetite that’s all, so don’t be getting any ideas, humans!

My bowl of yummy-looking meat parts garnished with a good bone-collection was lying untouched beside me – I’m still trying to work up an appetite – at times a dog’s got to watch his weight, you know how it is.

The rustling sound of leaves being pressed down from behind our kennels had me craning my head backward and sure as the rain – it was our dear missing Lemon strolling in majestically one-paw-in-front-of-the-other style.

I sprang to my paws, my eyes widening as I watched her amble leisurely towards me.

“Hey Libeck.” Lemon purred in a without-a-care-in-the-world voice. “How are you, bro?”

I stared stupefied at her for a moment, then I found my voice. “Where the heck have you been?” I barked at her.

Lemon stopped right in front of her kennel and sank slowly to her belly. “Hey, don’t tell me you missed me, Libeck?” She trilled apparently enjoying a joke I couldn’t decipher.

“Absolutely not!” I denied in a wild growl. “I’m just asking because you disappeared two days ago and reappeared now without so much as a scratch.” I looked her over to make sure about the scratch… nothing.

“Oh I just thought I’d go for a stroll.” Lemon purred lazily, stretching forward her front paws.

“For two days!”

“It was a long stroll.” She gave me a cat-wink before bending her head to begin licking her left paw.

I stared at her, jaw dropped down. A two-day long stroll? The self-centred feline witch!

“How could you just go out like that?” I barked.

“Oh I used the side fence.” Lemon purred sparing me a glance. “Not so high, so easy to jump over.” That cat-wink again.

“Do you realise that you had us worried?” I growled and at her widened eyes I clarified hastily. “I mean you had Mistress and Master worried ad got me doing search duties I’d rather not.”

“Oh so they missed me.” Lemon said this in a nonchalant tone. “Good to know I guess.”

“Good to know?” I was beginning to think she’d probably ended up with an injury… a head injury. “You don’t care how your  Mistress feels? How worried sick she’d been these last two days?”

“Libeck, I needed a little bit of freedom after being locked down by your Master.” Lemon purred watching me with lazy green eyes.

“Freedom?” I growled, it was obvious the miserable cat has finally lost her mind. “You wanted freedom, you self-centred, shallow-minded, thoughtless creature?” I barked ferociously.

“Hey, hey, easy with the insults, Pal.” Lemon trilled. “It’s uncalled for.”

That got me even angrier… the sheer nonchalance.

“Have you no understanding what loyalty means?” I demanded baring my teeth at her.


“Yes loyalty, you treacherous witch.” I clarified. “Loyalty to your Mistress. Loyalty you owe to Master as the head of this yard and loyalty to …”

Lemon raised her head to stare at me, waiting for me to say it.

I didn’t. Instead I growled at her. “We were locked down because of what we did – it was a just punishment. And playing disappearing-acts was just a silly, childish response… one only expected of a fickle, feckless creature like a cat.” I gave her a sneering look before turning to saunter back to my kennel.

“Hey I told you, back off with the insults.” Lemon cried. “And my action wan’t silly and childish… I wouldn’t even know how that is, I’m a cat not a tiny human creature.” She made a trilling sound in her throat, amused by her own joke.

But I ignored her.


It was Mistress. She must have heard our noise.

“Lemon!” She was flying forward with her hands wide-spread staring excitedly at the Lemon who now deigned to rise to her feet in greeting.

She swooped her of her paws and pressed her to her bosom, holding her tightly like some lost-and-found treasure.

“Where have you been, you naughty, naughty cat?” She asked her voice filled with affectionate reprimand.

Lemon purred against her chest, obviously enjoying the attention.

I grunted and turned my head and bent over my bowl – my appetite had suddenly returned – so, goodbye to weight-watchers, a dog’s got to eat…




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