let’s have us a little laugh

I’ve been so busy all I do is come up here and just update on some regular stories… it’s been kind of predictable, right?


Well, it’s Friday again… you don know it comes every week, don’t you? Hmm.

Anyhoo, since I’ve really got a bizarre sense of humour, here are some jokes I *jacked* from jokeallucan.blogspot.com… Now that I’ve given credit, let’s go…
Image  hehehe

Image  that is the 21st century for you!
Image  and that is why we call Him Merciful
Image  I go on that kind of diet every now and then, hahaha
Image  she’s mean… but honest *winks*
Image  I am saving that for when Derek is born and all growed up, hehehe
Oh and that’s about it for today’s joke thriller. I know some of you are like Image
NO! they are wise cracks, duh!  Image

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