Happy One Year Anniversary

Image  WordPress just helped remind me that a year ago I made up my mind to become a literary blogger.

When I first thought of blogging, I wanted to actually blog with Blogspot but somehow that day my usual technological challenges were in full force. Exasperated and out of patience, I clicked on WordPress and without further ado, I chose a name and registered the blog.

Choosing ‘alifediary’ as my blog name was because at that time I wanted a place where I’d freely discuss life’s issues in my usual fun way. I had already paid for a domain name through Godaddy and was planning to use that blog when I finally host it as my literary blog where I’d post my stories and do some relationship talks.

Well, life happened and I found myself unable to afford hosting that domain name, so after abandoning my alifediary blog for so long, I took another look at it and decided, what the heck? Why not begin the writings here and see how it goes?

That was on the 31st of January 2014… just some three months back.

First articles I started with, I had to always send out alerts to my sisters to visit the blog, read and make comments.

When my blog stats read 50 hits, I puffed with real pride. The day we went over a hundred, I felt like I’d just achieved the greatest thing. For over a month I prayed for a thousand hits and when it came (I only noticed it at 1008 hits) it was the greatest day fo my young blogging life.

Now hits are at over 4,200. I watch it grow every day and I feel the sense of pride of having taken a leap of faith and seeing it work out.

I am still at the beginning. Alifediary has still got miles to go… but we’ve come a long way in just three months.

I still plan to own my very own paid hosted blog… lifeandspices.com is going to be a reality in 2015 by God’s grace.

But thus far, I am grateful.

I thank God for courage and inspiration, He is the talent giver.

I thank my sisters, Ifeoma, Paulette and Frances who started with me and are still here. God bless you all.

I thank my darling hub, M. who never fails to encourage me and pays for the subscriptions to do this month after month, you are the best.

I thank my mum, elder sister and friends who have been enthusiastically encouraging. Just knowing you believe in me spurs me on.

I also thank other followers who have come form their own blogs, who came in from other blogs, my Nairaland readers and every registered follower and those contemplating registering but reading from afar *winks*… your every click on this blog means a whole lot to me.

Tonight I just want to say thank you and hey, don’t go nowhere, alifediary has so much more for you.

I love you all.





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