My apologies


Dear readers,

I do want to sincerely apologise for the way the blog has been run this past month or so.

Articles such as inspirational messages and entertaining posts have not been as frequent as before.

Some series have literally been abandoned – Libeck & Lemon – and others not updated frequently enough – Ant Hill.

I am really sorry for these inconstancies. It is mainly due to my writing work load at the moment. I am in the middle of starting up a new series and also working on a romance work soon to be published.

I do promise to look into my schedule and try to set things up in an orderly format.

Meanwhile, Libeck & Lemon will remain on hold until Ant Hill (which thankfully has just 3 more episodes to go) has run its course and Missing Christabel draws its end curtain.

I thank you all for your followership and implore you to remain in your visits and comments *winks*

Always remember – things can only get better.



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