Weekend witty shots

It’s another weekend and I’ve got some thoughts on how to spend it… I wonder if you do too.

Well here are some witty, funny thoughts on how some others plan on spending theirs… enjoy *winks*

Image  and that says it all, lol

Image  err… I’m still pondering on this one… wow!

Image believe me, people… those days are here… yay!!!

Image  I need to get me that wine and Febreze… *winks*

Image  that could be you… I hope not, hmmm

Image  This surely has to be true… hahahaha

So hope you caught a teeny weeny laugh at least, I now leave you with these words….



3 thoughts on “Weekend witty shots

  1. I love the weekends, when I get asked on monday, what did you do this weekend and I answer “nothing” 🙂
    So I totally get the pointless pic 😀

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