Operation Stop The Wedding!!!


The mouth is made for communication, and nothing is more articulate than a kiss.” – Jarod Kintz.

Episode Twenty-Seven

As they went down the Carter bridge, making their way steadily into Western Avenue, a trickle of laughter escaped Alex.

“Gosh! Your family is hilarious.” She said breaking the companionable silence that had accompanied them from the house. “They are unbelievably hilarious and mischievous.”

“They surely are that and more.” Reginald agreed quietly still not sure he wasn’t really mad at them for putting him on the spot like that in front of Alex.

She angled her head at his tone. “You should be used to them by now, so you shouldn’t look so put out.” She chided mildly.

He sighed and shook his head. “I am really. Matter of fact I can be just as mischievous, meddlesome and annoyingly tactless as they were.” He told her with a side smile.

She chuckled. “I just don’t see mischievous and meddlesome with you, but annoyingly tactless is a definite given trait.”

“Well, thank you so much.”

She laughed at his sarcastic tone. Then hung her head thoughtfully. “But I guess it must have been fun growing up with brothers and a sister who you were close to.” She observed a wistful note in her voice.

He took his eyes briefly off the road to look at her. She looked as wistful as her voice sounded. “Yeah, I guess it was great.” He faced the road again. “No, let me rephrase that – it was absolutely a fun experience growing up. Especially when we were much younger – back in Bristol, where Ronald, Rosa and I were born, and spent our first few years.”

“Then dad worked as a food technologist in Premier Foods, we had the best of times, and with mum home as a full-time wife and mother, it was the very best of our years.” He shook his head, a warm smile on his face as he remembered.

“We were there till I was ten. Then dad had this idea of us moving back to our home country and we all came back home; Rosa was shy off four then and Ronald just about eight.” He nodded at her hmm sounded.

“Yeah, it was a big change. But dad got a job at Cadbury, then at UAC and finally struck out on his own and opened Rabec Foods… which is where Ronald and Rosa works now. Me, being the proverbial prodigal son, went off on my own and into advertising.” He twisted his neck to give her a wink.

She smiled easily. “Hmm, so Reagan was the only one born here?”

“Here? Nope. He was born in London.” He lifted his shoulders lightly. “He’s a menace that boy. Can’t make up his mind what he wants to do with his life yet. Just rounded of his studies in Met film school and still debating whether he wants to go into film-making or music or join the family food industry.”

“Well, he’s young yet…”

“He’s twenty-one.” Reginald interjected. “At that age, I already knew I wanted to go into advertising – I was so enamoured by it and so was certain it was what I was meant to do.” He grimaced as he realised he just sounded so like his father, terrible!

Alex was quiet for a moment and then shrugged. “Well for me, the world of advertising was simply the only way to go. Dad had started Raven’s Height when I was nineteen and in Unilag and as his only child, it was only natural I go into the family business.” She gave a small laugh. “It did turn out to be the best thing for me as I became really good at it.”

“Way too good.” He growled beside her.

She turned to look at him, irked by his menacing tone, but his eyes were not menacing or hostile at all… they were dark, passionate and penetrating. He returned his eyes to the road and she had to swallow to push down her hitching breath. She was feeling all flushed and warm. To calm herself she turned her eyes to the window and was surprised they were already making their way into her street.

“Wow! We are here already.” She exclaimed.

“Road was traffic-free, so it was way faster.” He answered honking the horn.

The gate was pulled open by Idris and he drove into the yard.

He walked her to the door. “Well, thank you for being my escort tonight and for putting up with the unbelievably hilarious family.” He said with a smile as she opened the door.

“You are welcome.” She smiled back. “I enjoyed myself, so it was no hardship at all putting up with them.” She shuffled on her feet and cleared her throat. “Err… would you like to come in for a nightcap?”

Reginald looked at her for a moment. She looked a trifle nervous yet her dark-brown eyes were hopefully beseeching. “Yeah, that will be nice.” He replied softly.

Inside the living room, Alex turned on the lights and turned to him. “Ah, a glass of wine would be fine, right?”

He merely edged closer, eyes caressing her face, lingering on her still coated light-brown lips. “I am so fascinated by your lips.” He told her in a deep velvety voice. “Their heart-shaped fullness is so temptingly luscious.”

The open desire in his dark eyes ignited her own, she moistened her lips with her tongue not saying anything just holding his gaze.

That singular flicker of her tongue across her lips drew a groan from Reginald as desire deepened within him. Not hesitating any longer, he pulled her into his arms and taking her lips hungrily proceeded to douse that roaring yearning.

The kiss was strong and masterful. It was the powerful stroke of a lover claiming his possession. It was deep and decisive as his tongue pried open her mouth and delved in.

His tongue, a master in its movements, tangled and twisted with her own, using its tantalizing edges to tease, graze, taste and arouse.

Wild heat of pleasure and need surged through him and sent instant hardness into him.

Alex moaned deeply and leaned into him, her arms going round his neck as cold slices of electricity rippled through her entire body. She felt like she was being lifted off her feet and taken up into an atmosphere of sizzling colours and deep-stirring waves. Of their own volition, her hands crawled down his back and crept under his shirt, slithering up his bare back as they touched and caressed his muscled skin.

The instant shock waves at the stroking nails and fingers slammed sense and reason back into his head, Reginald pushed back, taking her hands and resting them gently on his shoulders. She moaned in protest at the retreat her heavy-lidded eyes questioning as they stared into his own.

“I think I’d better go.” He murmured with a rueful smile. “I can’t be responsible for my next actions.” He slipped down her hands and let her go.

She stopped him with a hand on his arm. “Stay.”

Reginald groaned at the passionate imploring look in her eyes, pulling her back into his arms, he crushed his lips against hers with a searing kiss. “Are you sure?” He asked hoarsely raising his dark eyes back to hers.

She nodded slipping her hands back up his shoulders. “I am sure.”

Giving her another searing kiss, he bent and scooped her into his arms. “Let’s take this to the bedroom, Ms Alexandra.” He grinned marching in the direction that led into the rooms.

He shouldered his way into the room, letting her legs slide down as their lips remained locked together. She moaned as he gently bit her lips. His tongue trailed from the corner of her mouth to her pointed jaw, then slid down slowly to her neck, inhaling her refreshingly-fresh, provocatively-spicy scent and grazing her neck with groaning bites and nibbles.

Her moans came faster and deeper. Gliding his hands around her body, he slinked them up her back and stopped at the keyhole opening just at the centre of her back, he slipped a hand inside and caressed, slipping it out to quickly work on her button.

“Ah, wait!” Alex huffed out pushing out of his embrace. Her breathe was hitching and almost coming in gasps, she felt like her whole body was on fire – delicious, tantalizing fire. “Wait.” She repeated trying to steady herself.

He stared at her in bewilderment. “You changed you mind?”

“What?” She looked puzzled for a moment, then gave a soft laugh shaking her head. “No, no I didn’t. I still want this… you… ah…”

He grinned at her confusion and edged closer to her, curving his head to lightly kiss and nibble her neck. “Good.” He murmured against her quavering skin.

“Yes…” She breathed as delightful flickers trailed from her neck downwards. “I mean… no…” She bit her lips to hold back the groan.

He chuckled and raised his head, only to lower them again as he gently took her lips and nipped slowly, teasingly. A deep moan escaped her and for a moment she forgot what she so desperately needed to say. Then his hands crept to her back again and deftly unfastened her button. That single smooth move pushed back the reason for her protestation to the forefront.

“Oh hold on, I’ve got to tell you this.” She said hoarsely trying unsuccessfully to grab his hands and stop him. She wasn’t even sure she wanted to stop him.

“You do?” He murmured against her lips, using his tongue to tease and taste. His hands were slithering all over her back, running over her hands and her sides. Sending mindless shock waves through her anywhere he touched.

“Oh God, you have way too many hands.” She wriggled against his hard warm body.

His chest rumpled with laughter. “Just doing the best I can with the two I’ve got.”

The two he’s got were now lifting her dress by its hem.

“Ah…” She managed to wriggle out of his arms and held him back with both hands on his fast-beating chest. “Wait. Wait a damn moment.”

She saw the amused light in his eyes and blew out a hot breath. “I… I’m not really good at this.” She huffed out.

His wide, sensuous lips curved in a smile. “That’s okay, I am.”

She shook her head and tried to steady her fluttering nerves. “You don’t get it… I’ve only done this…” She gestured wildly with her hands. “… twice… I mean I’ve only been with two men…” She stopped and inhaled deeply, shutting her eyes and then opening them again. “My relationship lifespan is limited to only two men and I only had sex with one of them… twice.”

He stopped trying to pull her back into his arms and just stared at her.

With him staring at her in open-mouthed astonishment, she slowly felt calm wash over her. “Ken and I dated briefly four years ago but didn’t… couldn’t sleep together… it was just too awkward. And Damien… it just never felt right… first time was a total disaster and the second time wasn’t any better…” She sighed deeply. “And that was seven years ago.”

She stopped and waited for him to say something. He only continued to watch her with incredulous, dark eyes.

She whooshed out another breath. “Well, I guess I have put you off with my inexperience.” She fidgeted on her feet and raised her hands to wrap them round her body.

He exhaled and shook his head. “You haven’t put me off… you just knocked out the air from my lungs that’s all.” He gave a hoarse laugh as a whole new unrecognizable feeling rushed through him, overwhelming him. He drew closer and raising his right hand, he took her hands and held them, looking at her and simply seeing her in a whole new light. Her eyes were wide, luminous and… yes, innocent. He bent and very gently kissed her, then raised his head again. “I want you.” He said in a low voice. “In a way I’ve never wanted any woman.”

Something settled in her. “I want you too.” She whispered back.

His raised her hands to his lips and kissed them. “This won’t be awkward.” He said slowly holding her gaze. “And it won’t be a disaster.” He drew even closer so that their bodies were touching. “And Alex, you will be good at this… trust me.”

A warm glow filled her as she gazed back at the tenderness and passion in his dark eyes.

Very slowly, very gently, he slipped his hands downwards again and lifted her lace dress by its hem, with his eyes never leaving her face, he pulled it up and over her head, dropping it on the floor.

With her dress off, Alex felt instantly self-conscious at standing this exposed before him. Though she felt nervous, she tried not to squirm or fidget.

Reginald looked at her. The soft glow from the desk light lent a beauty and seductiveness to her almost naked frame in sheer black lace panties and bra. His eyes roamed over her perfectly-toned caramel skin complexion and glowed with pure appreciation and admiration.

“You are beautiful.” He said softly raising his eyes to hers a glint in them that almost looked like adoration.

The warm glow returned and flamed at his compliment. “Really? I at times think I’m too boyish… muscles too firm and prominent.”

“You have a muscle tone many women crave for.”

“But men prefer curvy, voluptuous women… you know, women that are truly feminine.”

He did… once did. But no voluptuous, well-curved woman had ever made him feel what this slim, muscle-toned figure before him did. She triggered in him fires and shocking passion and emotions he hadn’t known he was capable of.

“You make me feel what no woman has ever made me feel, Alex.” He said telling her the truth. “I want you… I have wanted you for a real long time now.” Longer than he cared to admit. “You are all the woman I want and need now.”

That simple admission pushed her forward and she linked their hands. “Make love to me. Regie.” She whispered.

That was all the invitation he needed.

He bent his head and captured her lips with his own, stooping to lift her and carry her over to the bed. Laying her down gently against the cotton sheets, he leaned over her as his lips continued to ravish her, his hands sliding up and down her smooth, soft, quivering body. Her tongue danced and tangled with his in uninhibited, relentless passion, biting, grazing and nibbling as their tongues entwined and rolled together.

She moved her hands to grab him by the shirt and pull him down on top her body, slipping her hands round his neck and down his shirt-covered back, her nails dug into his skin as ripples of desire and passion coursed through her.

He groaned deep in his throat, briefly breaking free to push back to his feet. Deftly taking hold of the hem of his Henley-shirt, he pulled it over his head, tossed it aside and attacked the buckle of his belt. That went off too and unzipping, he pushed down his trousers and tugged his legs out.

Alex felt her eyes widen and almost pop out of their sockets at the sight of his dark, broad, muscle-ripped hairy chest. She’d never seen a man look so male. He was like one of those Greek sculptures you see in films or art websites, all built and strongly well-proportioned. And damn, he had the legendary six packs too.

Her eyes trailed downwards and her mouth instantly dried up at the all-male bulge straining against the blue-black striped boxers. With his left hand, he tugged down the cotton boxers and slipped out of it.

“OMG!” She exclaimed involuntarily. His large, powerful male-member was now staring directly at her, unflinchingly erect.

Reginald saw the look in her eyes and his lips curved, lowering his body, he glided into the bed and hunched astride over her body. Bending his head, he said in a deep rumbling voice. “Alex, feel free to bite, scratch, moan, groan, cuss and scream… just don’t hold back… we are about to go for a wild, mind-dimming, head-twisting dive.”

Angling his head, he took her mouth in one quick sweep, slipping his hand beneath her and to twist open her bra. Pulling them off, he tossed them aside and instantly closed his hot, smouldering mouth around one swollen, soft, round mound, his hand cupping the other, feeling the frisson of the taut nipple as his fingers twirled and circled in slow rhythmic movements.

She couldn’t hold back. She did all that he’d listed and much more. Alex hadn’t known a man could do much to a woman’s body with his hands, his fingers and his tongue. He touched and kissed her in ways and in places she considered way too sacred for such wild strokes and fondles. She was a quivering mass of passion – wriggling, twisting and undulating under him, her hands running all over him, stroking and kneading as she caressed and touched him too.

When he knew he could hold back no more, Reginald pushed back to his knees, and pulling her up so she was balanced on her hips, he whispered. “Now we are going for a ride.” With his eyes locked in hers, he slipped into her – sleek, hard and powerful.

Alex gasped and her body stiffened as he started moving his hips, nudging hers so she moved along with him – deep, steady thrusts as they both rode on the wings of passion.

Long moments later, Reginald was lying on his side, raised by his elbow as he watched the woman he’d just shared the most devastating erotic experience of his adult life with. She was breathing evenly and softly as she slept, her head supported by her left hand. Wavy, strands of hair strayed to her diamond-shaped face, tangling over it. He stretched his hand and nudged them aside tenderly.

A well of completely alien and totally incomprehensible emotions was whirling through his passion-satiated body, setting him afire even as a flicker of fear lingered in its wake. Why did he feel like holding her, caressing her, protecting her, shielding her from every pain and hurt? Why did he have this deep yearning to make her completely his own?

She sighed through her sleep, turned to the other side, adjusted her body and with her back to him pushed back until her body was curled against his. The unconscious move surprised him and the instantaneous rise of tenderness within him scared him shitless.

Squelching the fear and doubt, he allowed what seemed so natural to take the lead. Slipping down from his elbow, he adjusted on his side and lifting his left hand over her, wrapped it round her midriff, pulling her even closer into him.

Shutting his eyes, he let his body and mind relax as he drifted to sleep, their bodies merged in a spoon-like curve.


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  1. Wipes sweat off brow, whilst adding indecent thoughts to saturday’s confession. Tusmich wetin I do u na!!! Eh, abeg stop putting erotic and exotic thoughts into our innocent minds.

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