don’t be so choosy!

Sometimes I hear a lot of people… ladies particularly… complain on how they badly need a man – a life partner.


But when I look closely or listen closely, I find that many of them are just way too choosy. You want him to have all that and still be on time to propose to you… girl, who are you kidding?

Making money and reaching the heights take time… you want him on time… join him to build!

I’m not saying get in there with him with nothing to live on or no means of survival… I’m just saying…  “you mind coming down a notch from that high horse?” LOL.

And there are yet some who have some man right beside them and guess what they call him? – “He’s just a friend…”

Yeah right! Now hear what Jesus got to say about that…


Hahahaha! it’s my best picture joke ever.

Have a great day, y’all.


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