Missing Christabel

Episode Ten here and One



Final Episode Best forgotten!


Three days later, Lola and I were in the sitting room watching the 6:30 p.m. news when a light knock came at the door. Lola got up to go answer the door.

“Oh, Christabel, it’s you.” I heard her call out in a slightly alarmed tone. “How are you? Please do come in.” She stepped aside from the door and I turned and watched as Christabel walked into the room smiling brightly.

“Good evening, Madam Lola. Good evening Mr. Elvis.” She greeted stopping just a few feet from me.

“Good evening, Christabel.” I replied returning her smile. “Please have a seat.” I gestured to the chair adjacent mine, and she nodded and walked over to sit down.

“You are looking much better.” Lola commented coming back to join me on the sofa.

Christabel had been discharged from the hospital Tuesday morning and had been brought home by Detective Davies. And since she hadn’t yet recovered her memory, he didn’t seem to have anything to say to us, just thanked us for stopping over and gave us his usual menacing, suspicious stare.

The last two days since her return had been a nerve-racking one for us. Every sight of her sent shivers of fear and apprehension down our spines. But still she’d remained friendly and happily ignorant. Our prayers the last few days had been focused on forgiveness and permanent erasure of that part of her memory.

So far, it appears God has been answering our prayers. And with her smiling friendlily at us, I relaxed back against the sofa… she’s yet to remember, thank God.

“Yes o, Madam Lola, I am doing much, much better.” Christabel smiled. “In fact, I’ve fully regained…

My heartbeat skipped to an instantaneous stop.

“… my appetite.” She beamed.

I silently inhaled, kicking off my heart engine once more.

“That is completely marvellous.” Lola smiled back at her. “We are so glad that you are alright, Christabel.” Her voice was heartfelt and sincere. And I knew where she was coming from. “It’s a miracle that nothing happened to you. I mean with that kind of bump you had on your head, anything could have happened.”

“Indeed anything could have happened.” Christabel agreed still smiling. “But God knew it was all a mistake and so didn’t allow anything worse to happen.”

“Huh?” I pushed up to stare at her.

“A mistake?” Lola repeated her eyes popping wide. “What… what do you mean by a mistake?”

Christabel looked at both of us and then nodded. “I remember, Madam Lola. I have regained my memory.”

“Ah!” Lola exclaimed both her hands flying to her head. “Ah, ah, ah, ah.” She fell to her knees. “Please Christabel… ejor, please, forgive me o…” She crawled to where Christabel had dashed to her feet. “I didn’t mean to… please. I beg you. It was a mistake… a terrible mistake o.” Her voice was cracking as her eyes welled with tears.

I was glued to my seat, ripples of shock and fear rushing through me as I watched the scene before me.

Christabel bent over and grabbed Lola by the shoulders, trying to drag her up. “Ah no, Madam Lola, please stand up. Please.” She managed to pull her up, almost staggering back as she did so. “Madam Lola, what are you doing? Please o, don’t kneel for me. I understand.”

Her last word crept through my frozen mind. “You do?” I gaped at her.

“Yes, Mr. Elvis.” She turned to me with a quiet smile. “I just said it – it was all a mistake. Madam Lola was not trying to harm or kill me.” She angled her head to give Lola a reassuring smile. “I know that.”

Lola used the hem of her Polo shirt to wipe her face. “Yes o, Christabel, it was not at all intentional. I was just carried away by my anger and jealousy o. I didn’t mean to kill you at all.”

“And you didn’t kill me, Madam Lola.” Christabel chuckled. “I am alive and well, thank God.” She nudged Lola towards the sofa. “Please sit down, ma. Let’s all talk quietly, please.”

Lola bounced her head up and down, reluctantly resuming her seat. I was now perked up at the edge of the sofa, not believing what I was hearing.

“Are you saying that you’ve recalled all that happened and you are willing to forgive us?” I asked needing to be absolutely certain.

Christabel gave a small laugh. “Mr. Elvis, what happened was just a big mistake. Believe me, I know it and I understand. Madam Lola was just trying to defend her marriage and her home as every woman would have done.” She shook her head ruefully. “In short, it wouldn’t have at all been necessary if I’d not been flirting with you.” She raised apologetic eyes to Lola. “I once again apologise for that, Madam Lola. It was nothing serious please.”

“Ah, please forget apologies.” Lola shook her own head. “I should be the one apologising to you. After all, you said sorry a number of times but I was just too angry to listen. Please, my dear, forgive me.” She joined her hands together in a pleading form.

“Madam Lola, it’s okay.” Christabel waved aside her apologies. “Let’s just thank God nothing worse happened.”

“Thank God o.” We both chorused.

“Actually, I don’t really remember what happened after I blanked out.” She chuckled as if the thought amused her.

Lola and I only stared at her, still too dazed to find any of it funny yet. “I suppose you tried to revive me, Madam Lola and I must have scared the hell out of you but just lying there not responding.” Her lips curved as her smile widened.

“Yes, yes. I tried to revive you.” Lola grabbed at the lifeline. “I did everything I could to wake you up. But you just laid there, so I…”

“She called me and I came as fast as I could and we both carried you inside.” I cut in quickly. No need for too many true confessions. What she remembered sufficed, the rest will remain with us.

“Yes.” Lola bobbed her head. “And we started doing everything we could to revive you, especially as we saw you were still breathing and was moaning softly.”

Christabel inclined her head. “Well, thank God I woke up at last. And above all that I’m all right.” She gingerly touched her hand to the back of her head. “I still feel mild pain here but the doctor assured me it will all go very soon.”

“Sorry eh, sorry.” Lola said sympathetically. “I am so sorry. Please forgive me, please.” She pleaded again.

“Please forgive us, Christabel. We never meant you any harm.” I joined in pleading.

“Ah, Mr. Elvis and Madam Lola, it’s enough now.” Christabel frowned at us. “I thought I already assured you guys that all is forgiven, eh? I have forgiven and intend to forget everything. This is a best forgotten issue o.” She added with a smile.

We both exchanged an astonished look. Can this be real?

“Besides as they say every cloud usually comes with a silver lining, right?” She grinned.

We stared at her, wondering what she was talking about? What could possibly be the silver lining here?

She laughed. “Seeing me like that on a hospital bed shocked Kola and he did the one thing I’ve been waiting for him to do…” her grin widened so that it almost tore apart her mouth. “He proposed to me! Right there on my hospital bed, he asked me to marry him.” Her eyes sparkled with joy and excitement. “Which is another reason we are going to keep this as a best forgotten issue. I don’t want Kola losing trust in me.” She smiled sheepishly. “You understand, right?”

We nodded enthusiastically. We certainly did.

She beamed. “And we’ll begin planning the wedding soon. As soon as we return from the village to see my people.”

“Wow!” Lola exclaimed standing up to grab her in a hug. “Congratulations.”

“Thank you, Madam Lola.” Christabel hugged her back. “This showed me that every disappointment can really be a blessing o.”

My face was wreathed in smiles as I got to my feet too to hug and congratulate her. At this point Lola most certainly didn’t mind my hugging her.

“Thank you.” Christabel beamed. “I hope you two will come to my wedding o.”

“But of course.” Lola laughed. “In fact, should you need anything at all, any help at all while you guys are planning, please don’t hesitate to call on us, my dear.”

“Thank you, ma.” Christabel nodded her head grinning from ear-to-ear.

The brusque knock on the door had the three of us swinging her heads to face the door.

“Ah, that must be Kola.” Christabel smiled. “And don’t you two worry. I only told him that I remember going out for a walk and something hitting me behind the head as I was coming back that night.” She reassured us before heading to the door.

Lola and I turned to look at each other, wondering if all this was indeed possible. Can she really be that forgiving?

Christabel flung open the door and stepped aside to allow Detective Davies into the house. “You are right on time.” She beamed at him. “I’ve just finished thanking them, so we can be on our way.”

Detective Davies smiled fondly at her. The affectionate, warm look surprised me as it completely brightened his usual dark, menacing face. Indeed, there was no doubt the power of a woman over the man whose heart she’d captured.

“Good, then. Because we are going to be late for dinner.” He told her in a soft voice.

“We are going out to formally celebrate our engagement as I am feeling much, much better now.” Christabel informed us with a cheerful smile. “Thank you again for helping me, Madam Lola and Mr. Elvis, God bless you.” She gave us one last smile before turning to walk out the door.

Detective Davies turned his eyes to us. They were still a little suspicious. “Thank you and have a good evening.” He said with a cursory nod, stepping back to join Christabel outside.

We watched them walk away, hand-in-hand before I shut the door with a sigh of relief.

“I can’t believe the nightmare is over.” Lola sighed leaning over to give me a hug.

“Me too.” I groaned exhaling deeply. “Thank God.”

“Thank God. He is really a prayer-answering God.” She breathed. “Kai! May we never have this kind of experience again o.”

“Amen.” I said fervently. “And we won’t as long as you desist from slapping young, frail women.” I added half teasingly.

“And I won’t as long as you desist from flirting with young, frail, women.” Lola returned in the same half teasing note.

We both glared at ourselves for a moment, then threw back our heads in laughter.

As we both backtracked to the sofa, I thought to myself – Women, they are all trouble. One is enough trouble for every man.


The End.

**And that is the end of Missing Christabel. I do hope you truly enjoyed it. I’d like you today to leave your overall opinion of it.

We’ll be back June 13 with another Weekend Thriller story. Thank you for sticking with me.***


22 thoughts on “Missing Christabel

  1. Ha, suspected she would cover up if she remembered. Loved the flow of the story and you got good descriptive skills. Glued and waiting for June 13th

  2. Beautiful piece! I enjoyed every bit of the story. Prettyspicey u r sooooo guddd, am waiting for another beautiful piece. Do hv a blessed wkend

  3. Hahhahaha… Tot Christabel would talk nd put herself into wahala… Nyc story nd gud ending.. Weldone pretty…

  4. Thank God dat Christabel decided to let go and also realised her own mistake cos wat Kola wud av made dem to go thru wud av bin out of dis world. Well done PrettySpicey, I enjoyed dis till the very end.

  5. @ ALL,
    Many, many thanks for reading and for following to the end. And so many more thanks for your generous comments. Keep reading… we are not done yet 😉

  6. I was here
    prettyspicey u really have a way with ur words… great one I must confess but waiting for 9 more days to start a more interesting one… keep erm coming I’ll b ryt here to listen

  7. Ma’am spicey ur d BOmb…..
    U ar a gifted nd well spiced writer…i’v bin a ghost reader….
    More ink 2 ur pen ma’am….
    HANGING TILL JUNE 13th……happy birthday in advance….its my month 2

  8. didn’t want to comment till I got to the end…so many lessons to be learnt from this…not everyone gets a second chance…imagine Christabel had died or had told kola wat happened…we should learn to think of s consequences of our actions before taking decisions

  9. Wow prettyspice i hav missed u on nairaland just saw very interesting. Well dis a lesson to single ladies out there stop flirting wit someone else hubby

    • Aw, Ify, welcome on board Flight ALD where stories are always on the move and never hanging… lol. Enjoy while you are here… and never leave *wink*

  10. Just stumbled on this story this afternoon and i made sure that i read through the whole episode! chai! you are too much, i will continue to be addicted to your sitem watch me.

  11. Yes TM,you’ve got really descriptive and humorous skills…..you has me Rotfl all through episode one to the final episode..

    I totally love the story and it’s happy ending

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