Operation Stop The wedding Acknowledgements


This love story has been my longest series so far. It took a whole lot of time. A whole lot of efforts and dedication and it wouldn’t have all been successful… I like to think it was a success, lol…. without the help of some very key people.

I would just like to acknowledge them here…


I would like to simply dedicate this work first to the Talent Giver… My God, My Lord and My All.

And then to all my readers and followers… in Nigeria and from all over the world… Thank you all.



This work would not have been possible first and foremost if not for the constant encouragements of my one and only partner… Michael, I thank you for always being there and for providing all necessary subscriptions required to make my thrice-weekly posts possible and above all for always giving me the biggest time-share on your laptop… I love you.

I would also like to acknowledge my sister and best friend, Paulette… you never fail as my number one fan… thank you.

My thanks goes also to a dear friend, Ernest Francis, who helped with some of the places I mentioned in this series.

Many thanks also to my new Researcher… I like to call him my Lagos Road Guide… Jeffrey Jamez… thank you for all your patient help.

And to every one of you, who always kept a date – Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays… Thank you all and May God bless you.

I love and appreciate you all.



3 thoughts on “Operation Stop The wedding Acknowledgements

  1. Oh Sis :* ………u got me hooked from when we were kids, been waiting for u to run with this talent and I am so happy u are doing just that.

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