a new love story


In the commercial city of Lagos where the population is estimated at over 21 million people, a little boy has only one wish…

A father has only one desire…

A teacher has only one passion…


A Little boy – who is absolutely bright, enchantingly adorable and enthusiastically smart… and he has only one wish….

Daddy, do you think you’ll marry again?… it will be nice to have a mummy.”

A Hero a widower with only one desire…

“My only desire now is to properly bring up the kids Elo left in my care.”

A Heroinea teacher with just one passion…

“I’ve got only one passion and that is to teach little children and help them grow.”

In a city where mind-your-own-business is slowly becoming the people’s slogan, these three people will cross paths and become each other’s business…

A bright and smart boy knows what to do…

“Miss Elizabeth, could you please walk me to my father’s car… Stella is having her debating club practice.”

“Daddy, I think I need a home teacher.”… “You don’t want me confused and dull, do you?”

A cornered father has to act…

“Err… Miss Elizabeth, you won’t mind becoming Rukky’s home teacher, would you? He says he needs help with his class work… don’t ask me why.”

And a teacher bound by her need to impact knowledge, falls in line…

“Well… err… if Rukky needs extra lessons, I’d be glad to help.”

And the stage is set


A different desire is awakened…

Caleb: “I have not felt this way or so wanted a woman in the last four years… Liz, I want you… in every way.”

Passion is drowned by fear…

Elizabeth: “It doesn’t matter how I feel, or if I want him… I can never be the woman he truly wants… or needs.”

And in the midst of surprising desire, unbidden love and gut-ripping fear…

Family and Friends never fail to make their contributions… whether you ask for it or not…

Mother in-law“she’s absolutely lovely, generous and a good Christian… do you know she’s in the Church choir?”

Brother“Not all men are like Daniel Ekeh.”

Mother“I believe he just might be God-send… have you thought of that?”

Friend“I think you have mourned enough… it is time to love again.”

Daughter“I’m not matchmaking… I’m just watching and praying.”




Take Me As I Am


A love story like never before… a tale of love, of dreams, of fear, of remembered anguish and pain and of a little boy’s wish… right from the stable of TM David-West



Rukevwe Onofighe

Caleb Onofighe

Elizabeth Harcourt

Stellamaris Onofighe

Tonye Harcourt

Evelyn Harcourt

Ochuko Ajoh

Austin Akubueze

… and a few others….






Coming JULY 22


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