laugh it off

hiya people, weekend is almost gone but definitely not before we’ve had a few laughs. So why don’t you sit back and enjoy a few cracks from these young comedians…. they are starting out way younger these days, eh? Lol… enjoy

Image  *whispers* Son, I think you are right… lol
Image  and that was straight after he caught him stealing the milk… hahaha

Image from babies?… Lol
Image  yeah… as soon as you can be trusted alone in the bath-tub
Image  I know, right? Lol
Image and that there is why we call them babies… lol
Image I believe I wondered same thing as a kid, lol
Image  she’s an addict, huh? Lol
Image  hmmm, I know that look… hehehe
Image  where dem no fit commit am for baby abuse… lol
Image  Yeah I know that’s why we are stopping here for the weekend… hahaha
Image no kid, it’s really past your bedtime… lol
And that is it for the weekend folks, may the new week bring us more serious writings and even a couple of our old series… did I just hear someone say AMEN? Lol

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