Libeck & Lemon – Episode 16


Hey there. Why do I have the feeling that most of you have forgotten all about me.

You remember me, right?

I am Libeck… not Libby and definitely not Lib, heck no! Grrr!

And this is my doggy diary you are reading… still can’t recall, huh? Humans! And they think they have superior minds, woof!

Let me help you remember. I am Libeck… like I said earlier. I am a Caucasian Ovcharka and I come from a long line of pure breed Caucasians from the mountains of Tibet… or something like that… woof! I am an Alpha dog… an alpha male dog who lived with his Master alone until he had that brain-dimmed idea that befalls the male species of the human race when they hit their mid-thirties, and decide it’s time to get married and perpetuate the tribe… like you need marriage to perpetuate the tribe, grrr!

And that was when our once close-knitted, peaceful, loving, camaraderie family of two became a great imitation of the Animal farm… diversified and crowded. Damn!

So in came Mistress and along with her a treacherous, miserable cat called Lemon.

I don’t need to tell you I hate cats, I think you grab that already… woof!

And that was when it went from just Libeck in the yard, to Libeck & Lemon…


Last time we talked… I mean I talked to you… you don’t talk to me, it’s a diary, duh! Dang! I think that screeching, shrieking, giggling, clinking Mistress is beginning to rub off on me… grrr!

So last time you read my doggy diary, it was about the return of dear little sister Lemon. She’d gone missing for two days, remember? And we’d all gone crazy looking for her! Errr… I mean they’d all gone crazy looking for her. I just looked because it’d mattered to Master and to the whimpering Mistress.

So, what had been happening since you wanna know?

Absolutely nothing!

It’s been just a week after all, duh… errr… I mean… woof! I got to watch out for that lady serving my food lately, she’s ruining my doggy image. Female humans! Can’t rest until they ruin a male… even doggy males.

Time looks longer to you, right? It would.

Don’t you humans always say ‘it’s been one long night‘? I mean how long can a night be? Humans!

So, it’s been just one week since we last talked. If it looks longer to you than it’s no wonder the Alpha Creator said to you humans, “a thousand years is like a day in my eyes”… or something to that effect.

What? I’m a dog. The Bible is not my business.

Nothing has been happening. Nothing remarkable I mean.

Master and Mistress have been acting all gooey and cuddly lately. But then it’s the raining season here and that’s when a whole lot of humans breed most. So with her little evil pet back, Mistress became a happier creature. I haven’t heard a shriek in a week… except when I bark close to her and she jumps and shrieks at the same time… but that is expected… I am an Alpha dog after all, and this is still my territory.

And Lemon? What had she been up to? Truth be told people – I don’t know and I don’t care. Suffice to say we’ve kept out of each other’s way… I mean she’s kept out of my way… I have no need to keep out of her way… this is my domain and I rule here.

So, it’s been boring. I am Bored!

Nothing has happened. Nothing is happening. But I sure hope something happens soon… Woof!!!

My name is Libeck. I am a Caucasian Ovcharka from a long line of pure breed Caucasians and I live in Nigeria with Master… and the other two. And I am the Alpha dog of this yard. I just want to let you know – I’m back!


**to get to know more about me, check me out here and you may also read that little yuckky ant love story… woof!**


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