Let me be ME!

I’ve been wondering why in the world we meet someone one way, declare we love them that way and thereafter spend all our time trying to turn them into something… someone else?

No one is perfect… except God.

You are not. I am not. None of us are… so why do you want to recreate a perfect me? Just let me be Me.

letme1 I really need to be Me.

letme3 Can you do that… please?

letme2 that is so true… and you know it.

So, I’m just saying, though you think I’ll be better when I become that perfect little me you see in your mind…

letme4 as imperfect as I am.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Let me be ME!

  1. Over the years, I’ve believed that one of the mistakes we make is asking to be loved as we are. Sometimes, that’s now enough. There’s enough imperfection in the life of man to want to be loved as he is. Man needs to be changed, although subtly. Nice piece there.

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