Wisdom nugget – 28


Courage is the ladder on which

all the other virtues mount.

(Clare Booth Luce).


Moral — It takes courage to be good.


**And with that I wish you all a great weekend and see you Monday by God’s grace for updates on Take Me As I Am… cheers**


Take Me As I Am

My sincere apologies for having not been here the last two days. Life has just been hectic. Please bear with me. And I also apologise about not updating Who killed Dana Bala? A whole lot is going on now and I do apologise but I have to put a break on it for a couple more weeks. Thank you for your understanding.



JUST AS SHE’D PROMISED she was right over after church service. The kids were in the living room, watching television and looking a whole lot better.

“Miss Elizabeth, good afternoon. We’ve been waiting for you.” Rukky jumped down from his seat and ran over to give her a hug.

“You have?” She smiled stooping down to wrap her arms around him and then slipped a hand to his forehead to feel his temperature. He was still a little warmish but not as yesterday. “And why is that?”

“Good afternoon, Miss Elizabeth.” Stella greeted stepping over to give her a hug too. She was beginning to feel much more comfortable with her, especially after yesterday. “Because we are hoping you’ll make us lunch again.” She answered her question.

“Yes. Daddy is preparing stew but we don’t want to eat rice.” Rukky stated. “We want to eat something special and delicious prepared by you.”

“One day in my kitchen and you knocked me off my position as greatest-cook-ever.” Caleb said strolling in through the kitchen door. “What have you to say in your defence, Miss Harcourt?”

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Readers Notice

important notice

Dear readers and followers, I wish to bring to your notice several issues.

Let me begin by apologising for having not updated on Who killed Dana Bala? It is entirely due to circumstances beyond my control at present.

The light situation is my neighbourhood is really horrible and I find myself unable to type and work on my writings. I am only able to post Take me as I am because it is already written and typed and all I have to do is just post with whatever battery I have on my laptop.

Hopefully when things improve I will update regularly as usual.

That said I will now address the issues I have in mind.

I will like to begin with COMMENTS.

I would like to invite you all as readers and followers not just to read or follow my blog but also to appreciate the works you enjoy here… I hope… by leaving comments.

These are free-reads and this is a free-hosted blog. Which means I don’t make anything in terms of monetary gain from wither my writings or this blog.

And for now, I have no complaints, lol.

I say for now because soon I will begin publishing my works.

Therefore the only gain I truly seek is one of knowing that I have followers and readers who enjoy my work and the only way I can know that for real is by you, dear readers, leaving comments after every post.

It doesn’t always have to be commendations, it can be criticisms or observations made by you.

This would really be highly appreciated and I hope you will all oblige me by so doing. Thus we can build a better relationship other than that of free-readers and a writer.

I would like to appreciate all my followers and readers who already leave their valued comments… your words mean a lot to me, thank you.


Now to the other issue: UPCOMING NOVEL.

Lenma has been asking me about this for so long… thank you for doing so, dear, it means a lot that you have an interest in not only reading my free works but also paying for one when I publish.

I wish to use this opportunity to let everyone know that I will be coming out with my first ever published romance novel by the first week of October… all by God’s grace.

So while I’m working hard on it and putting everything in place, I am also hoping that when it’s out you will all support me by dipping your actions into your pockets and paying just a token for it, lol.


I sincerely thank you all for your presence and comments here at alifediary and as I work to create a place for my readers to make their own contributions, I hope we continue to bond more as a family.

Thank you and God bless.