It’s been a little more than a week.

To say I have missed this blog and all my readers would be an understatement of the year, lol.

Here I was thinking I’d be gone for three, four days at most and I stayed a week and some, SMH… c’est la vie, non? And for you non-french readers that simply mean that’s life, no? LOL

I am so thankful to be back. And I do want to thank all of you for your patience, prayers and well wishes. I particularly thank Topazo, Exceptionalstar, Lade and Omolara who left messages for me… may God bless you all.

Now we can all get back to what we do best here… Write and Read and thereafter share some comments, *winks*.

I implore that you bear with me as we start off with an episode of TMAIA and some wisdom nuggets, in a couple of days I’ll bring the Episode six of Who killed Dana Bala.

So, sit back and enjoy… as always, cheers.


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