I love love


I read something on my favourite gossip blog, lol… and I thought to myself ‘I love love‘… then I look below at comments and someone had written the same – I love love. And it made me smile.

Indeed I love love. I so love it.

It’s no wonder I’m in the romance or love story business… here happily-ever-after is a possibility. Here true love, unconditional love is a reality.

I love love. But you know what? Love is not about perfect things or perfect people. Love is about loving that imperfection and accepting it as the perfect thing for you.

I love love and I am in love… lol.

You know how I know that? I know because deep inside my heart, when I am all by myself and with no one to see or question or even applaud me… when I think of you and I… I think – I will do it all over again.

I love that I love your hands. I love that I love to look at your face, touch it, see the greying beards, lol… I love that I can snuggle into your body at night and feel warm. I love that we can joke, laugh, have fun and be merry in spite of the tough times.

I love that you do so many things… things the world would consider unhusbandly. I love that we can pray together, everyday. That we can dream and hope together. I love that we can overcome our issues and still be together, determined to make it work.

I love love… and I love you, mon amour…

(For you, M)


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