Who are YOU?


Many are the wise men or women who have asked themselves this pertinent and all baffling question– Who am I? And many have come away realising the true answer — Nobody… just dust brought to life by Another’s Breath.

But many, too, are they that ponder this question and come up with varied over-hyped, pompous, arrogant, myopic, ignorant and even self-hating answers.

Yet, until we indeed know ourselves, how can we know another?

Did not Christ summarize the commandments to just the love of God and the love of one’s neighbour as one’s self? So, I ask how can I love my neighbour when I cannot, do not, know not how to, love myself? And in same breath, how indeed can I love myself when I know not myself?

I have always… and still… ponder this question. I hear people, in the fit of anger and fueled by bravado and a self-inflated opinion of themselves, ask — ‘do you know who I am?’ And I have privately responded, ‘do you?’

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Wisdom nugget – 38


The greatest satisfaction in life is achieving what everyone said could not be done.

(Chinese Proverb).


Moral — when people say you can’t, show them that not only CAN you, you WILL. Therein lies the satisfaction.

Thank you

thank you


I can say that… and I;m sure you all heave that as well, Lol.

This has been a long journey, not because of the length of the series but because of so many events truncating its progress. Thank God, we are finally done.

I am relieved… I bet you are too *winks*

When I first dreamed Take Me As I am, I was pumped up with perceived challenge and pulsating with excess energy, now I simply say … well done to all Inspirational Romance Writers… I can write a Contemporary Humorous Romance any day and from beginning to end, remain pumped and pen-flowing… this took a whole lot out of me.

At a time, I lost inspiration… I didn’t clearly see my scenes anymore… I panicked, because I’d already advertised it. I was sorely tempted to pick any one of my Contemporary Romance story lines and go with it. But somewhere, the thought of failure knocked the confusion out of my head and I dug my pens in… literally… I wrote this series mostly on paper than straight to my laptop. And I was editing and reediting and re-reediting… dang! Lol.

All thanks to God, the story made it. It touched people. It struck the right notes. It spoke for itself. And it taught me, I can do all things by the power of Him who strengthens me… true word.

I am glad it’s over.

I want to thank you all for hanging in there. I want to thank you all for your generous comments and encouragements. I thank you for staying steady, in spite of constant excuses and absenteeism. I thank all who came out of the shadows and gave their support. I am grateful to those who have always been there.

I also thank my behind-the-scene crew. Leading the crew is my husband and partner, M, thank you my love. He made sure I kept writing and never gave up. I also thank Paulette, always a sister, friend and offered proofreading services sef… still I won’t see the corrections o, lol.

I thank fellow bloggers, who take time to come here — Exceptionalstar, Christopher, Topaz, Jojodia — and so many of you. I am honoured by you all.

The story is done. But love stories are not done here. We shall be back. Give me time to regroup, though *winks*

Our book shall come out soon.

I cannot seriously write now though, pardon me. I need the time and concentration to work on the book.

But once it’s done, free reads will come back and abandoned series will be finished, I promise. Meanwhile, we shall entertain ourselves here with other reads from Writers I admire and above all, I plan to post a novel of my mentor and No1 Romance writer – Nora Roberts.

Thank you all. I sincerely love and appreciate you.

Continue to share this journey with me… for we are just beginning.

I love you,

TM David-West aka PrettySpicey.


Yay! It’s Friday!!!


I feel like tweety… jumping up and screaming, thank God is Friday! Lol.

And to think I work from home… sort of *winks*.

Anyhoo, doing my usual thingy, I strolled the internet and stopped at funtime.guppydas.com for a couple of fun beers… share them with me *winks*

P.S. … you might need my brand of humour to enjoy these jokes… either way, let’s give it a swing, lol



*ATTORNEY: What was the first thing your husband said to you that morning?

WITNESS: He said, ‘Where am I, Cathy?’

ATTORNEY: And why did that upset you?

WITNESS: My name is Susan!

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