Who are YOU?


Many are the wise men or women who have asked themselves this pertinent and all baffling question– Who am I? And many have come away realising the true answer — Nobody… just dust brought to life by Another’s Breath.

But many, too, are they that ponder this question and come up with varied over-hyped, pompous, arrogant, myopic, ignorant and even self-hating answers.

Yet, until we indeed know ourselves, how can we know another?

Did not Christ summarize the commandments to just the love of God and the love of one’s neighbour as one’s self? So, I ask how can I love my neighbour when I cannot, do not, know not how to, love myself? And in same breath, how indeed can I love myself when I know not myself?

I have always… and still… ponder this question. I hear people, in the fit of anger and fueled by bravado and a self-inflated opinion of themselves, ask — ‘do you know who I am?’ And I have privately responded, ‘do you?’

It is amusing when we think we know ourselves and we claim that knowledge to be Self-esteem. Most who have ‘high’ self-esteem actually possess an over-inflated view of who they are. And in the overblown bubble they live in, they trample on others, disregard others, stick their noses upward, feeling like I am better than you so deal with it… what a load of crap!

Have you realised that we are ALL made in the image and likeness of God, equal? You think privileges and opportunities make you better? You think a fat bank balance makes you any different, except financially? Which really when demand and supply is done, actually becomes a trivial after-effect. You think a better education, makes you superior? Except that you probably can differentiate M from N… that is if you are not literately blind?

I have met Bishops, CEOs of conglomerates, even come close to top-notch politicians, yet never in one of those instances did I feel like I met a superior. Yet, once I met one privileged by God to have close contact with Him, one so humble, she could barely bear to walk amongst the crowd, and that day I felt like I met someone higher than me… someone better.

Unless you have become CHRISTlike… then we are still same. And indeed, if you are CHRISTlike, you will realise that nothing has changed… you are still same as everyone else and only the Power of God has made you a better creature.

I ask you, do you know who you are? Do you walk the world thinking you are some kind of specially-made, extra-terrestrial, supernatural and superior human? Do you disregard others with that notion pounding like the heated drums of an over-zealous spiritualist in your head? Do you look down your nose at others and think, ‘who did you say you are again?’

I am always puzzled when people expect me to literally kiss their ass. Even more so, when they are shocked that I don’t. I am puzzled when they place themselves on a pedestal and when they wiggle and fall, look at me like I tripped the wheel. I am puzzled when I meet certain people, by chance really, and with their snooty noses up like a bat hanging downward, they play their I-am-better-than-you-so-do-not-need-to-know-you card. I usually stare at that card long enough to realise it is a faceless, empty, has-nothing-to-offer card… then I wonder, ‘tell me again why you are so haughty?”

Who are you?

The Catholic Cathecism says, God created us to know Him, love Him, serve Him and thereafter rejoice with Him in heaven. That is the summary of our life… everything else is jara… an addition.

And so, in Knowing Him (Loving God first with all your heart and soul), you come to know yourself (loving yourself next) and then you know your neighbour (finally, loving your neighbour as yourself).

To know yourself, in my opinion, is to know that you are only someone when you are God-filled, otherwise you are an empty shell, a nothingness. A barking bulldog… all teeth and bravado, no bite.

To know myself is to realise that I am a pot of clay, what life exists is me comes from Another. I am no better than anyone, but I can be better than I am.

I invite us to ponder this question — who am I?


**I have been resting the last couple of days… I needed it, lol. I shall not be around for another few days… duty calls, hehehe. When I’m back, by the grace of Him who strengthens me, we shall write, read, remark… together, *winks*… Have a nice rest of the week and an even nicer weekend… cheers**


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