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Keziah's Diary

Hey guys, I’m back from work. Have tossed off my professional-girl trousers suit and kicked off my shoes, had my dinner of fried plantain, eggs and a chilled bottle of fanta and now settled in front of my laptop to give you the download of today’s events.

Anything spectacular happen today? Heck no! It was dull, dull, dull. My boss is on a casual leave—which means he’s away for two weeks. He’ll be back next week Monday, and that simply means less work for me.

Now let’s shine a little light on what I do. First and foremost, I’m a French honours graduate from the University of Benin, with a diploma from the Speedwriting International Secretarial School, Lagos. So, you might say that I’m a professionally trained Bilingual Secretary… which is what I am at the French owned company where I started work about a month ago.

Now don’t let the title French-owned get your imagination going hyperactive, it’s just a medium-rate oil and gas company and they are not even paying me the big bucks, or any other Nigerian for that matter. The real money is always saved for the expatriates.

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Keziah’s Diary


Keziah's Diary

Hiya peeps, this is my diary you are reading.

Now I really thought hard, and wide, about what to call this diary. I went from, ‘life of a cheeky Naija babe’, since everything and anything Naija is en vogue, to ‘hanging out with Kez’ and then to ‘Kez’s little world’ and then to ‘Kiss and tell with Kezzie’… not that I’ve ever been called Kezzie.

Well, none of them seemed to work for me because behind my snazzy, spicy, sultry anterior, I’m just your regular girl next door, so I decided for the simple, completely mundane – Keziah’s diary. So, that established, let’s take it from the top. Continue reading

Birthday Share

ALD birthday

From the post below, I know you all see my birthday wishes to my sister and bff, lol. Do drop lovely messages for her please, folks. She was my No.1 fan and follower here, together with my other sisters. Without them commenting and encouraging me, there won’t be Alifediary today… that I’m sure of.

So, this has inspired me to begin a Birthday corner here on our blog. At this point, I feel like we are now one big writing/reading family, hehehe.

Seriously, I feel like you guys are my family, I do. And I’ll like to do a birthday post for each person here, when its their turn.

So, leave your birthdays dates… don’t add the year of birth if you are conservative, lol… just the date and month is cool.

And if your birthday is already come and gone… as I expect most would be, given the time of year… then we’ll choose a joint date and still celebrate here and wish you all a belated happy birthday.

I hope to see positive responses and lots and lots of birthday dates. Don’t matter where you are… we are one family and should celebrate together.

Meanwhile, have a great weekend and be happy.

Love y’all, cheers…

The Forgiving Lover




TOYIN HAD NEVER felt as frightened and nervous as she felt two day later when she decided to visit Jerry. She would have gone the day before, but they had had tests in school and she had been so busy until evening time. Luckily the next day was a Saturday, so she had left in the morning.

She was a nervous wreck when she knocked on the door.

To say that Jerry was surprised when he opened the door would be an understatement of the year. He was astounded.

“Toyin!” He exclaimed.

“Can… can I… please come in?” Toyin stammered.

“Why not?” Jerry replied curtly.

He had gotten over his first shock of seeing her at his door and now he felt angry. Why was she here now? He thought. To humiliate and hurt me again?

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The Forgiving Lover




      NGOZI DECIDED to go and visit Toyin again. Since her last visit, which was over two weeks now, Toyin had turned worse. She never seemed to smile or laugh anymore. She was always on her own and seemed like she always cried a lot.

Ngozi felt sorry for her and decided to go and talk to her again. She went into the room without knocking. “Hello.” She greeted smiling.

“Ehh Ngozi, you be thief, abi?” Juliet said jokingly in pidgin English. “You no dey knock for door again?”

“Knock for which door? This una yeye door?” Ngozi spoke in pidgin too.

Juliet laughed. “No worry, next time I go throw you comot.”

“Hey Toyin, which one you dey sef?” Ngozi asked playfully, noticing that she had not joined in their jokes.

Toyin didn’t say anything but simply smiled.

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