The Forgiving lover




TOYIN HAD TRIED to sleep but could not do so. Instead her mind ran around what Juliet had told her about Jerry and Gloria ……

She was in their hostel room, reading her book when Juliet entered. She raised her head and smiled at her friend and roommate.

“Hello, Julie.” Toyin greeted. “How were your lectures?”

“Hectic. I’m so glad it’s all over.” Juliet answered going to her own bed to drop her books and bag.

“Sorry o. There’s yam porridge in the pot if you want to eat.” Toyin told her.

Juliet looked at the pot on top of the kerosene stove at the corner of their room. She was tempted to go and dish her food and start eating. But what she’d decided to tell Toyin was more important than food and relaxation.

“Toyin, I hope you are not serious about Jerry?” Juliet asked sitting on the chair close to her.

“Of course I am.” Toyin was taken aback by the question, she hadn’t expected it. “Shouldn’t I be?”

“Well, it isn’t my business.” Juliet murmured with a shrug.

“Julie, what is it?” Toyin asked a bit worriedly but not sure why.

“Well, I shouldn’t be saying this but as a friend…” She broke off.

“Julie, please what is wrong?” Toyin was now really worried.

“Do you think Jerry is serious about you?” Juliet asked suddenly.

“What!” Toyin exclaimed. “Of course he is.”


“What is the meaning of this?” Toyin was now very angry. “Are you trying to insult me?”

“Oh Toyin, why should I try to insult you?” Juliet questioned. “I have a reason for my question.”

“Well, what is your reason?” Toyin asked angrily.

“Calm down, Toyin. Anyway if you must know, Jerry has another girlfriend—Gloria.”

“What?” Toyin exclaimed angrily. “Now, I know that you are truly jealous of me.”

“Jealous of you?” Juliet asked looking surprised. “I’ve been seeing them together for some time now. I even saw them on the beach some days ago.”…….

She hadn’t believed her at first, not until she had seen Jerry leaving Gloria’s hostel room. And worse still he had looked impatient and angry when she had seen him two days before coming home and had even spoken rudely to her.

What Toyin didn’t know was that Juliet had told her the things she saw out of jealousy not true friendship. She knew Toyin was going Jerry, who was handsome and rich and she wanted to destroy their relationship.



***Someone said that this is too refined to be my first story. Nat, seriously it is. I started out reading M & B, Perry Mason and James Hadley Chase, so I strove to imitate the style I was seeing, hehehe. In any case, how I first wrote was a little different but I soon re-edited it some three months later and this is how I found it on my Notebook. Chilax and enjoy *winks*… Okay, see you guys Monday for the next chapter, cheers…***


11 thoughts on “The Forgiving lover

  1. So short… Omo Toyin which kind wicked friend you get na?And in this century you have to verify every single thing. TM hmm, now I envy really envy your writing skill. 13? Remain blessed though

  2. hmmm…I sense inconsistencies o. Juliet was painted as genuinely concerned and decided to tell her friend a bitter truth and so knew that eating first wouldn’t be the right thing….that is a ‘showing’ which signifies sincerity. But you proceeded to ‘tell’ us she was acting out of jealousy.
    or maybe that was all a part of the act to come across to Toyin as being sincere..

    • Really? Maybe that was how a young me knew how to tell her story. I’m not changing her first try, just telling it as she did.
      But then again, maybe the writer was trying to show what Toyin saw… a concerned friend… who in truth was a jealous friend?

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