Birthday Share

ALD birthday

From the post below, I know you all see my birthday wishes to my sister and bff, lol. Do drop lovely messages for her please, folks. She was my No.1 fan and follower here, together with my other sisters. Without them commenting and encouraging me, there won’t be Alifediary today… that I’m sure of.

So, this has inspired me to begin a Birthday corner here on our blog. At this point, I feel like we are now one big writing/reading family, hehehe.

Seriously, I feel like you guys are my family, I do. And I’ll like to do a birthday post for each person here, when its their turn.

So, leave your birthdays dates… don’t add the year of birth if you are conservative, lol… just the date and month is cool.

And if your birthday is already come and gone… as I expect most would be, given the time of year… then we’ll choose a joint date and still celebrate here and wish you all a belated happy birthday.

I hope to see positive responses and lots and lots of birthday dates. Don’t matter where you are… we are one family and should celebrate together.

Meanwhile, have a great weekend and be happy.

Love y’all, cheers…


16 thoughts on “Birthday Share

  1. Happy Birthday to ….
    (you should have put her name, so that I can make it personal, and give it more punch and meaning..)
    Happy birthday Sis, many happy returns of the day. The world is a happier place with you inside it. You inspire, you support, you cheer and believe it, you serve as a model…thanks for being you.

    my birthday is Nov 5. I cant wait to see what you will do!

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