Happy Birthday, darling sis

ego cake PrettyEgo A piece of my heart

A part of my family

A portion of my life

A slice of me

You have always been sis

And you will always be

I wish you a happy birthday

I love you, Timon

*Culled but still from my heart*

IMG_20140619_154852Hey, Timon

Pumba thinks you are not just ever-sweet sister,

Pumba thinks you are also No.1 fan, No.1 friend and No.1 whoop-her-ass-never-give-up-PrideLand-partner.

Happy birthday, Timon and many, many happier returns.

I love you, better than a fat kid loves chocolate… lol 

*Timon and Pumba, PrideLand Bff*


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, darling sis

  1. My darling Pumba, oya chop kiss kiss…..I know I have been somewhat low keyed of late, my Sweerie na work cause am. I had better sit up before my proof reading position (AKA Read all materials first) is given out. Love you more than Lil Mary loves explanations 🙂

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