Keziah’s Diary


Keziah's Diary

Hiya peeps, this is my diary you are reading.

Now I really thought hard, and wide, about what to call this diary. I went from, ‘life of a cheeky Naija babe’, since everything and anything Naija is en vogue, to ‘hanging out with Kez’ and then to ‘Kez’s little world’ and then to ‘Kiss and tell with Kezzie’… not that I’ve ever been called Kezzie.

Well, none of them seemed to work for me because behind my snazzy, spicy, sultry anterior, I’m just your regular girl next door, so I decided for the simple, completely mundane – Keziah’s diary. So, that established, let’s take it from the top. My name is Keziah Olisemeka. I am originally from Asaba, Delta State but totally a Lagos born and bred chick. Right at this point in time though, I reside in Port Harcourt… moved here just a little over a month ago.

It’s been a trying settling down process, because whatever anyone says, ain’t no city like Lasgidi in Naija… *that would be no city like Lagos in Nigeria, for all you non-Nigerian readers, lol*

So, let’s set the modus operandi here. This is my diary and I get to be the sole CEO, hehehe… You, my peeps, are the readers, the applauding audience, the spectators and yes, commentators… you get to say something too, no fear. As I’m a working class lady, I won’t be doing the everytime-all day entry. Heck no! I’m a busy chick…. most of the time,lol.

Therefore, entries will be made at the end of the day, when I’m back at K’s crib and I’m all loose and limber. That makes entries a past format narration… don’t worry your heads what I mean by that, just read on. It also means, I get to pick eventful days to tell you about – there’s no need boring you with empty, nothing-happening details, right?

Some wise ass might say that is a nothing-happening detail… but this is what I like to call ‘setting up the parameters’, a necessary tool in every new business… or relationship. Okay, a little more about me.

This is after all, about me. I am the tall, slimiciously… that’s a new word, hopefully they’ll add it in the dictionary just like bootylicious, lol… curvy with rich, flawless, smooth and gleaming dark skin tone girl that make bleachers wish they never touched the make-me white stuff. I am also very, really very pretty. Mmm hmm, I dare to say so myself… I got a mirror, don’t I?

And I got plenty of admirers… at least I used to, back in Lagos…. haven’t really gotten my groove back here in PH. Or, I just might be beginning to. Gotta run now, when I’m back today, I promise to tell you all about how I spent my two-day sallah break.

And how I fell into the arms of a tall, dark and handsome man… and yes, he was really tall, dark and handsome. They do really exist, so haters back off! Lol. Wish me a great day at work, and have a great day yourself… ta-ta, darlings.


9 thoughts on “Keziah’s Diary

    • Thanks so much, adefunke. I have notified the Admin of the site and they are working on it. Hopefully all will be resolved soonest.

      I did see your comment though and replied it, lol

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