KD – Boring Saturday

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Keziah's Diary

Hey guys, how y’ all doing?

Actually I have nothing for you guys today. No new event, no gist.

Luke and I spoke almost through the night… but that’s not news, we do that often these days since he went back to the rig.

It was clean-up day in the yard today, but that’s also not news since every last was a clean-up day according to the law of my landlord. The randy, old fella wasn’t around, so what would have been gist didn’t happen.

Let me just say, the old man is a regular Lothario. I’ll tell you all about that on a different day when something new happens and I’m not too laid back to type.

Anyways, nothing is happening. I’m home alone, watching a movie and boring myself to death. PJ went for a family meeting and the Ovunda family meetings usually lasted all through the day and way into the night. Don’t ask me what they are talking about… you come from a family, so I’m sure you know the drill.

Oh well, gotta go… hate boring people with pointless details.

Oh, I forgot, happy new month everyone. Make this eleventh month the very best month of your 2014. No dulling, lol. You can begin by joining me in emptying these couple of Smirnof cans I have here as I try to laugh out my boredom with Begin Again… maybe I should have gone to the cinema.

Hmm, too late, I’m already feeling the delightful snooze of climbing the tipsy mountain, hehehe

Cheerio guys.


3 thoughts on “KD – Boring Saturday

  1. Hey, good to see you back just checked in after take me as I am, any update about your book yet?

    Good story I love the first person narration.

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