Making Plans


I have been absent for about a week now. It was on purpose.

Winston Churchill said: He who fails to plan is planning to fail.

I found myself thinking along those lines in the past week. Mostly thinking about it with regards to my writing and what are my desires and ‘plans‘ for it.

I love to write. More than writing, I love to think up story lines and to see them take life in my mind’s eye. It is my greatest pleasure sitting in a place and seeing events unfold before my eyes without no one else seeing them. Hearing conversations in my head no one else can hear… not looney conversations, mind you, lol.

But I love to write. It is my God-given talent and it is a pleasurable one too. But it is also what I have chosen to now do professionally. I don’t just want to write for pleasure, I want to write professionally. I want to go from writer to author… though I expect I would always love to be called a ‘writer‘… just long the ring to it, lol.

So, professional writing means re-organization. It means focus and dedication. It means following a strict timetable and it means writing always and every time. It also means getting paid… hehehe, me likey that part *wink*

I have set out a suitable writing schedule where we can all benefit. There’d still be free-reads – albeit shorter versions – and also you will have glimpses into would-be published ebooks and finally have fully written and formatted – PDF and EPUB versions – ebooks for your reading pleasures at a non-aggravating price.

I can’t over-charge my people *tongue out*.

It has to be ebooks for now, as that is what I can afford to do. In future, when we have a wider range of appreciating readers and followers, hard copies will surely become a part of the deal.

And so, this week, we will round up our Mystery story – Who killed Dana Bala? – and as of next week Keziah’s Diary and other short stories will be posted here twice weekly each and in between short articles and inspirationals.

At present, review and editing of our three Romance stories are underway and once I’m done, you’ll get ebooks of them… at a token price, of course *grin*. But as loving e-mama, I’ll be giving out free download of Who killed Dana Bala? and Missing Christabel in PDF format.

So, as my e-family I ask that you not only encourage me but stand by me and above all share this journey with me.

I love you all and truly appreciate you.



I sincerely apologize that I am yet to publish the long promised book. Seriously, I am working on making it happen soonest. I would like to give out the title and maybe glimpse-chapters but I’ve got to be careful. When all is settled for publishing, I will do so. But my promise to you is that you will soon read another interesting blockbuster *wink*

And for those of you following For better, For worse on Nairawriters, I do apologize that it hasn’t been on. Unfortunately, it will not be back on until I am done writing it. I did something I hate to do – start posting a series that I have not finished writing or gone more than halfway through. So, I am stopping updates and will continue in the nearest future when I’m done writing it. That way, you can enjoy it at a more frequent pace and consistency.

Thank you for your understanding… I’m counting on it, lol.


5 thoughts on “Making Plans

  1. It’s about time!!!!….. the money for the books have been waiting since na.. you know hom many chocolate bars have been sacrificed?.. Lol….anyway, I think this is a very good move. TM anytime you are ready, we’ll be here,I for one I’m not going anywhere *wink *….

  2. Nice one, looking forward to read those books. It’s always a pleasure to read your books, they are always inspiring thumbs up dear keep up the good work

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