thief Amebor Gist a common thief. Taking without Permission is Stealing!!!

You are a common thief if you use a copyrighted work without permission… whether or not you list the owner’s name.

That is how I see it. And that is why I clearly state in my copyright messages – do not use without prior permission from TM David-West.

AMEBOR GIST is in my opinion a petty thief.

I just discovered that the owner of the Facebook page posted TAKE ME AS I AM between October 25, 2014 and November 7, 2014. These are the links …  and

Somehow I can’t get the Prologue page to open but it is there.

Amebor Gist putting my name as author doesn’t change the fact that this is Plagiarism and Stealing of a writer’s work. You didn’t get permission and that is a crime. Your readers have been sharing my work via your page and you are giving yourself LIKE targets with my work. You are a criminal.

This has happened and probably is happening is different sites and Facebook pages I am yet to become aware of. For this I am totally disappointed in Nigerians… once again, and I do not think I will even permit my work to be shared anywhere else.

I believe Amebor Gist copied my work from Nairaland where I also posted it. I saw many other works by Nairaland writers, I do not know if Amebor got permission from them but she didn’t from me.

This is exactly why Nigerians are mostly treated as fraudulent people by other nations.

I am disappointed.


I just now discovered that another site, a wordpress blog also just started posting my work which is clear the blog owner got from Amebor Gist because their comment from the FB post was copied along with the post.

The blog… Mcgbishan

The Post link –


6 thoughts on “NO RIGHT!

  1. please dear, report that page to Facebook and it should be taken down. also report that blog to wordpress or whatever the platform they are using. let’s start campaigning for the protection of intellectual property.

    this happened to me a while ago when a facebook friend copied my story and used as his and didn’t even acknowledge me! it took all my restraint to not lash him that day. so I know exactly how you feel (multiplied by 10 probably)

    don’t let that stop you sha…it means your works are so good that low-lifers want to hide under your brilliance and look nice… but go after them hard

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