Theft Development


The latest on the matter of content theft and infringement on my copyright.

I did send a Facebook message to… did this prior my putting up the theft post yesterday and immediately after. I saw a reply today. Apologies, which were not only flimsy and dishonest, but definitely too late. The harm had been done!

Well, the bottomline is that all pages with my story TAKE ME AS I AM have been removed. I did not quickly know how to report this to Facebook and I believe he/she got away lightly. But there are still other stories by Nairaland writers on the page and I advice writers who post their work there to go check it out and maybe one of us can really make him pay.

As for Mcgbishan, I have put up  a report on forum and I await actions to be taken.

This was, and still is, very painful for me. I was completely infuriated and devastated yesterday. I was not myself the whole day. I want to thank my husband, always there to take my rants and tears, lol. My sis, P you are solidly the best and I sincerely thank Jeffrey, exceptionalstar, topazo and Fsf, guys your words gave me succour and courage. God bless.

This has done it finally. I am never posting my work on Nairaland. Maybe glimpse chapters but never the full work. And this too solidifies my decision never again to post full Romance and Mystery (long) stories here on the blog. We take glimpse chapters and then those interested buy the ebook.

I have to protect my works the best I could and I have to stop losing both ways.

I’ll let you know what happens with Mcgbishan.

I wasn’t able to write the Epilogue of Who killed Dana Bala? Will do so tomorrow and post when I’m done.

Thank you all.


9 thoughts on “Theft Development

  1. Awww! So sorry dear. Never mind all of them that can’t make out any good thing by themselves except by copy pasting. Thank God you are a lot better now. Do take care and be strong for us.

  2. So sorry dear, was so pissed myself sef. Please protect ur works, we fit de here one nolloywood directot don de write script put for Take me as I am head……..shudders

    • Hello Uche,
      About For Better, For Worse I am holding on now until I finish writing it. I am not very comfortable writing as I make updates, it affects my thought pattern and causes delays and unnecessary postponements.
      So, I will bring it back when I’m done writing. My apologies for any disappointment.

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